Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yes, Analisis AWANI is back.

The first 'live' episode went on air today at 5:30 pm, with guests Prof Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin of UKM and Billi Lim, the Dare to Fail Guru, talking about "managing perception" given the current political situation and the increase in the price of fuel and goods.
With my co-hosts Kamarul Bahrin Haron and Nazri Kahar, we had a great lively discsussion with the guests.

Each Thursday, on AWANI, viewers will be treated to in-depth analysis, stimulating debate and multiple points-of-view on pertinent issues of governance in the local and national context.

Catch Analisis AWANI every Thursday at 5:30 pm on Astro AWANI, channel 501.

For the convenience of Astro viewers, the programme will return for encore screenings on the following times and days:

Thursday 10:30pm
Friday 1:30am
Friday 2:30pm
Saturday 4:30pm

OK... Itulah promo untuk hari ini.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



To strike a conversation, the now not so predictable, more social and friendly Jef asked the waitress "What exactly is Celadon?"

The waitress replied "It is the ceramic ware that we use..."

Interesting... and nice.

Yes, the food was really nice -- delicious.

Celadon in this case is a Thai Restaurant. You might want to go to Celadon, on the top floor of Pavilion. It is now one of Jef''s favourite restaurants.

I particularly liked the river prawns cooked in tamarind sauce.

Talking about Celadon, sometime back, I was very much interested in Celadon but the interest died out as I found other more engaging interests (yeah... for me to know and for you to find out).

For the uninitiated, here is an info-capsule on Celadon from Wikipedia:

The term "celadon" for the pottery's pale jade-green glaze was first applied by European connoisseurs of the wares. One theory is that the name first appeared in France in the 17th century and is named after the shepherd Celadon in Honoré d'Urfé's French pastoral romance, L'Astrée (1627), who wore pale green ribbons. (D'Urfe, in turn, borrowed his character from Ovid's Metamorphoses. Another is that the term is a corruption of the name of Saladin Salah ad-Din), the Ayyubid Sultan, who in 1171 sent forty pieces of the ceramic to Nur ad-Din, Sultan of Syria. Yet another is the word derives from the Sanskrit sila and dhara, which mean "stone" and "green" respectively. why can't they just write in a more exciting and simple way? Boring betul... Potong steam....


After dinner at Celadon, we went hunting for my favourite EDP, Escada Sunset. But they have discontinued that particular fragrance. Uhhh...


After sending Jef to meet his friend in PJ (budak Kolek gak -- oh for the uninitiated Kolek = Malay College Kuala Kangsar -- the secondary womb that was responsible for our 'reborn' and 'rebirth' and the school that has shaped us into heroes), I went home and decided to singgah sebentar to have my teh tarik at the mamak restaurant near my sanctuary.

Suddenly it reminded me of a little girl I met a couple of days ago at the same place who walked up to me after being coaxed by her mom and told me " my mom loves to watch you on television. She says you are smart... I want to be like you and be on television..."

So sweet. I told her, of course you can be on television, "study hard and read alot and think smart..."

She said, "Ok, uncle"

So sweet.

Then her mom came over and invited herself to sit and asked me who is my role model in life and in broadcasting.

I replied..."I think now, your daughter is one of the many role models -- she was brave to approach me... I don't have one single role model. I find different strengths in different people and I use their strengths to guide me to move on and become better..."

The conversation ended when my phone rang and she decided to leave me to talk.

But Ma'am, I didn't get your name....


Roul gave me a CD which has a beautifuI song sung by Faizal Tahir but only today a part of the lyrics touched me... kengkadang feeling tak tentu pasal... graph turun naik macam dalam ER...

Carilah ku dalam hatimu
Sayang sebutlah kau rindu
Kasihmu kekal setia
Usah biarku terus terluka

Ok... Ok... I know you will say... Su, kau ni dah gila gamaknya!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008



"Stop kissing my monkey. Go get your own monkey. There are lots of monkeys out there. You know how much I have invested in this monkey? Ha? It's not fair..."

"You know why I think I can do it? Pain. I channel my pain through presentation..."

"Tell it as it is lah. I can handle it..."

"Esok I nak makan daging tel-tel.."

"To my dear brother Moqq, Happy Birthday, when can you squeeze me in your hectic schedule to give you your birthday present?"


I was at the Newsroom when Ayah called around lunch time.

“Ami, Pakcik Rawi dah meninggal. When can you come home? We must go…”

“I’ll be there at 3:00”


As soon as we reached Kampung Ramuan Cina Kecil, near Lubok Cina, Melaka, we saw the old folks starting to assemble in front of the surau.

I stopped the car and Ayah went out to say hello.

I didn’t recognize any of them and had no idea how they fit in & where they are in the family tree.

But their ears looked like Ayah's, their eyes... and some even walked like Ayah.

I got out of the car and bersalaman with all of them.

They just couldn’t take their eyes of me like I was some strange makhluk from outer space…

”Wah anak Dak Leman ni dah gomok botor. Ekau ni bilo nak kawin? Muka lawa, duit manyak, oghang glemo, terkonar, apo tak kawin-kawin, nanti dah tuo, dah sakit, ado yo oghang tolong tengok an…”

I just smiled. There was not much I could do to shut them up, after all, I have to respect these people, as they are related to me.


As the jenazah was still on the way from Klang (Pak Cik Rawi meninggal at Hospital Klang, and my cousin Md Shah and his family were on their way bringing the jenazah) me, Ayah and Mak went to Mak Teh’s house. Mak Teh is my mom’s elder sister.

After spending time with Mak Teh, we went to see Mak Andak, who has been very ill.

Mak Andak was staying at her daughter’s house.

She has been eating very little and she was so thin.

Mak Andak was bedridden and has trouble communicating and remembering.

But despite all that she called my name as soon as I walked into the room.

She was so nice to even ask me if I was OK, and how come no one was serving us drinks.

I cried in my heart as Mak Andak looked so frail.

When I was small, I always enjoyed spending time with my cousins at Mak Andak’s house in Sungai Baru.

Mak Andak never failed to bake cookies for us kids and I liked looking at Mak Andak because she was one of the most beautiful ladies in the kampong.

Her husband, the late Pak Andak Salleh was a great man.

He cracked lots of jokes.

Pak Andak, like Ayah, was one of the few budak kampong made good, studied at SITC (the best teachers training college at that time) and was a good and well known mathematics tutor.

Pak Andak died about 2 years ago.

After Pak Andak died, Mak Andak must have been so lonely until she fell ill.


After spending time with Mak Andak, we went to visit Mak Cik (Ita’s and Ana’s mom).

Mak Cik has been sick too. Mak Cik is Ayah’s sister.

Her hearing was bad, so it was difficult to communicate. I smiled most of the time and she smiled back.


The jenazah arrived at about 6:15 pm.

We performed the Sembahyang Jenazah, but we didn’t stay for the burial as Ayah and Mak thought I was so taxed by the whole thing, particularly the attention and remarks by the clan and being photographed by the kids using their handphones.

I was OK and quite used to remarks like apo tak kawin, apo gomok bonar etc… I have the skills to tune out without being angry. Well, Mak and Ayah have always been very protective.


On the journey home, I asked God for more time for me to spend with Ayah and Mak.

Ayah is now 76 years old.

I have lots of things to catch up with Ayah and Mak.

We just couldn’t find extra time to spend more quality time. We are always in a hurry.

I just want Ayah & Mak to know that I love them very much.

Ami sayang Ayah, Ami sayang Mak.

Now, every time Ayah or Mak demam, I will panic… I want to spend more time with them while at the same time I know they have very little time left….

I cried while driving back to KL. Both Ayah and Mak were sleeping in the car as tears drenched the collar of my shirt.

Sunday, June 22, 2008



I was tired of eating out and I decided to cook.

And cook I did.

And within 45 minutes, I got 2 dishes ready, and (ini bukan masuk bakul angkut sendiri ok)… sedap beb – Ayam Masak Berempah and French Beans & Mushrooms.

But it felt so lonely makan sorang at home while watching Gang Starz…







Next, conversations around me ...

“How do you know the people that we miss actually miss us the same way we miss them?”

“Cinta tak semestinya memiliki…”

“I only want to be the best. I don’t know about you. Mediocre is not in my dictionary.”

“I want this badly Cek Mi… You will not understand how important this is to me…”

“I will fall to pieces if I were to find out that the person I love is just an opportunist…”

“She said she wants to go to _____ , but she went somewhere else. And this is not the first time. She has been doing this so often. And she is not a good liar. But why?”

“I miss you so much…“

“This one is definitely about you…”

Saturday, June 21, 2008


It is 2 pm, Sunday.


I just got back from brunch with Dr Azam.

We went to Marmalade at Bangsar Village 2. I had pesto scramble eggs, well, oklah, not so earth shattering but the cupcakes – yummy.

It is just nice to relax in the company of good friends on a Sunday.

Earlier today, at 9:00 am I was interviewed by 3 students of Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media at my ‘sanctuary’ at Plaza Damas.

They were working on a ‘personality profile’ assignment. And they were shocked to see me in just my t-shirt and shorts and slippers. And tak mandi, tapi sempat blow-dry rambut to look presentable. Nobody in their right mind would want to dress up on a Sunday.

They asked me lots of stuff from personal to professional.


Nazri, me and Zul

I slept very late last night. Roul and Samson came over. I cut Samson’s hair (A Cut Above, eat your heart out…). Habis gunting rambut Samson about 1:30 in the morning. Samson now looks comel for his wedding – countdown, 5 hari!!!!


Before that we were out on the town mak
an sup lidah after menonton the much talked about Indonesian film ‘Ayat-Ayat Cinta’ at GSC Pavilion.

Roul, Zul, Samson and Syed went to watch the movie with me after the Perspective Kita and Temujanji recording at Astro Bukit Jalil.

Depa semua nangis… (Ada yang contol macho tapi dengar dengusan… sudahlah).

It is an interesting movie. You must go see this movie. And then you will understand why “mencintai tidak semestinya berakhir dengan memiliki” and it is OK to “mencintai tanpa perlu memiliki…” .. yeah right? Who are you kidding Su?? Puhleassseee

The story line was interesting, though I identified problems in its lakon-layar presentation.

Nevertheless, it was a good movie. I can identify with pockets of moments played by the various characters.


Samson, Nazri, me, Azean & Zul


Before we went home, of course kena singgah at my favourite place at Pavilion, Times Bookstore. And I picked up a very nice birthday present for Moqq – I hope he likes it.


Nazri & Datuk Shah Reza

Thursday, June 19, 2008



Yes, we will be discussing "Alternative Energy & Political Will" tomorrow (Saturday, June 21, 2008) on Perspektif Kita.

The recording will start at 10:00 am and will be shown on AWANI at 8:30 pm, Saturday, June 28, 2008.

If you are interested to participate in the 'ala town-hall' programme, please give Azean a call at 019-262-7886.

Below are photos from last week's programme -- meletop!! We discussed the possibility of providing free transportation in the urban and greater urban areas despite the spiralling fuel costs. And it is very possible....

Addressing the participants

Making a point

Datuk Nadzmi Salleh

Dr Aminuddin Adnan

Datuk Markiman Kobiran

Oh no....


Say what?


Assoc Prof Zakaria Ahmad


Assoc Prof Dr Wong Shaw Voon


Datuk Suret Singh



I had a very interesting 'post-event' discussion very late last night with Information Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek on media and content. We discussed content-treatment, strategy and popular culture on television.

Earlier, I was one of the guests in an intellectual discourse on 'blogs and nation building'.

My mentors, guru and friends were there --

Datuk A Kadir Jasin,
Datuk Ibrahim Yahaya (Tiger),
Rocky Bru (Ahiruddin Attan),
Kapten Yusof Ahmad (Ancient Mariner),
Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad,
Nuraina Samad,
Datuk Ahmad Talib,
Muriengwien (Prof Madya Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah),
Dr Norani Osman (IKMAS -- UKM),
Datuk Chamil Wariya,
Prof Dr Wan Zawawi Ibrahim (ATMA - UKM),
Hezri Rahil Hillaluddin,
Zamzarina Zambri,
and many more.

My take on 'blogs and nation building' is simple:

In the past, we had no choice but to have leaders with these qualities -- intelligent, smart, well read, well traveled and influential -- because in the early days of independence, the leaders had to do the thinking and implementiation as the rakyat were 'penerima' and not 'contributors'.

But today, thanks to the good job done by the government since independence, Malaysians are so educated and they are so many bright sparks out there.

They make up the silent majority, but with the 'blogging technology' they now express themselves through blogs and on many occasions they have ideas that are better than the 'bengkel-bengkel' or 'controlled brainstorming session' or 'lawatan sambil belajar'.

The challenge now is to find leaders who know how to deal with participatory democracy, encourage, engage and guide critical thinking.

To make it short -- the brains are out there, just pick the best, tak susah dan jangan takut. Embrace the 'future'.

Oh, BTW, minyak kereta I sekarang -- RM450 seminggu. I pusing-pusing KL jer...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Training for AWANI's WW





I enjoy conducting training, especially TV programme hosting and producing.

But sometimes they (my 'students') hate me because I ni cerewet and bosy gila.

Right now, I am training the next batch of AWANI talkshow anchors and they are progressing well.

As a 'teacher' the happiest moment is when your anak-anak didik berjaya and bask in glory.

Today, I feel so good when journalists like Ashwad, Ian and the rest perform well on screen.

The WW team -- Kate, Suria & Zul

Someone sent me a very sweet message in Facebook yesterday, saying that I have done a great job in packaging information and hosting programmes on AWANI.

Kembang sekejap... Tapi lepas tu pressure!! Pressure to perform even better.

While I love pressure, I sometimes terduduk bila under pressure.

Sometimes before I anchor big live programmes I will lock myself in a room (sometimes in the toilet) and cry for like one minute because the pressure is just so much (go ahead, you can call me fragile, I don't care) and then I will be ok.

And I have been doing that for the last 18 years!!!

Sometimes I am amazed at myself, expecially my brains as I can't control them (ooopsss.. did I say 'control?... hmmm ... private joke).

Tiba saja waktu "lights, camera, action" -- my brains will function 100 times better and I can think so fast compared to normal times. And the energy -- I don't where dari mana dia datang. And the humour, pun I tak tahu dari mana dia datang ... Kalau normal mode, I ni dumb sikit -- dumb blonde -- sikit slow... Bila showtime, I bertenaga .
I think Tuhan memang bagi rezeki for me in the broadcasting line!!!


Zul, Kate & Dangsuria


Tuhan, maafkanlah hambamu ini yang selalu lupa bersyukur.

BTW, anak murid yang sudah diberi reading assignment malam semalam, sila complete the assignment and make me proud ok?



I just came back from KLCC. I love going to KLCC because of KINOKUNIYA. I can spend hours and hours at KINO.

But today, ada sikit drama at KLCC. Dekat parking area...

Somehow, I had problems getting out of the parking area.

I parked my car at P3. And I couldn't get out as all exits were for those who have the season parking cards. Apparently certain sectors of P3 are reserved for Season Parkers (parker -- is there such a word?)

So we (me and Pat) stopped one of the Parking Assistants and asked him how to get out.

Pat politely asked the Parking Assistant (his name is Abdul Hadi -- yup, siap jahit nama dia kat baju uniform) how to get out....

"Encik, macamana nak keluar dari sini?"

"Macamana you masuk? Kalau ticket biasa tak boleh masuk..." (dengan sombongnya...)

Sorry, but Suhaimi Sulaiman yang panas baran terpaksalah enter frame kalau dah macam ni lah jawabnya.

"Hello, sistem you yang membenarkan saya masuk. Apa yang saya buat ialah ikut arrow yang warna kuning. Adalah palang you yang terangkat kot..."

"You tak boleh masuk sini..."

"Kerja you ialah menolong orang bukan lecture orang..."

"Encik pergi dekat speaker tu dan cakap dengan boss saya..." (sambil menjeling macam berkuasa amat)

So I went to talk to the machine...

"My name is Suhaimi Sulaiman. Instead of helping me to get out of this parking area, your gentleman here gave me a lecture on outsiders are not allowed to park at the Seasons Parking area. Now, you tell me, how in the world did I end up here in the first place (bukannya aku rempuh tembok macam Incredible Hulk.. sah sah depa punya blocking mechanism tak jalan). I don't have time for all these nonsense just let me out of this place as I have already paid for the parking"

To Abdul Hadi..

"Nama you Abdul Hadi, yer... Saya akan cakap dengan management you, supaya hantar you kelas komunikasi dengan pelanggan..."

Bak kata skrip Azean Irdawaty, "You made my blood go upstairs...With me, you don't play play. I story your boss then you know... who director? I director, you director?"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I was on my way to work this morning when it happened.

While I was stuck in a jam near Padang Merbok, a helicopter landed on the football field about 100 metres away.


The wind from the main rotor rotating wing/blade caused the leaves from the trees that lined the road to 'fly'.

And all of the sudden it made me so sad -- it reminded me of autumn in Portland, Oregon -- the place where I spent the best times of my life (other than at Malay College Kuala Kangsar, of course).


I have deleted yesterday's post.

The reason -- it hurt someone's feelings and that person matters so much to me.

As a responsible blogger, I have decided to delete the post. Please accept my apologies.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I found this one on the net... and I couldn't stop laughing.


A young blonde was on vacation in the depths of Louisiana. She wanted a pair of genuine alligator shoes, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking.

After becoming very frustrated with the "no haggle" attitude of one of the shopkeepers, the blonde shouted, "Maybe I'll just go out and catch my own alligator so I can get a pair of shoes at a reasonable price!"

The shopkeeper said, "By all means, be my guest. Maybe you'll luck out and catch yourself a big one!"

Determined, the blonde turned and headed for the swamps, set on catching herself an alligator.

Later in the day, the shopkeeper is driving home, when he spots the young woman standing waist deep in the water, shotgun in hand. Just then, he sees a huge 9 foot alligator swimming quickly toward her.

She takes aim, kills the creature and with a great deal of effort hauls it on to the swamp bank.

Lying nearby were several more of the dead creatures. The shopkeeper watches in amazement.

Just then the blonde flips the alligator on its back, and frustrated, shouts out, "Shit, this one isn't wearing any shoes either!"

More jokes at -- I perlu hiburan. Sunyi....

Sunday, June 15, 2008


It has been a wonderful weekend.

Watched two movies, went shopping for some basic items for my new ‘sanctuary’ at Plaza Damas and great company.

After the recording of Astro AWANI’s Perspektif Kita on Saturday, Roul and I went to GSC Pavilion to see “Made of Honor”.


Aznil was there too, but he went for Hulk instead.

It was quite a fun movie.

Because I guess I was so tired after the studio recording, I tertidur like 5 times. But I still managed to enjoy the story.

I can relate to the main character, Tom Bailey, played Patrick Dempsey.

The only difference is that the movie has a happy ending… oh well…

Let me give you an idea of the story…

Tom Bailey is in love with his best friend Claire.

But Tom has a fear of commitment and refuses to admit the obvious -- he should propose to Claire before she finds a less procrastinating suitor.

When Colin, a rich Scotsman sweeps Claire off her feet and asks for her hand in marriage, Tom must witness her unquestioned happiness up close and personal -- because she's chosen him to be her Maid Of Honor.

And … drumrolls … Tom did his best to make sure that there will not be a wedding for Colin and Claire!!. Great movie, go watch it.


On Sunday, Jef and I had fun watching The Happening at GSC, The Gardens, Midvalley.

I didn’t sleep this time because the movie was just so ‘out of this world’. I liked it. It is about mother-nature getting back at humans. That’s about it – won’t tell more – nanti tak suspense.


Anyway, before watching The Happening, Jef and I had a great time eating at a Thai Restaurant on the 5th floor of The Gardens followed by shopping for unnecessary stuff – yes guilty for not changing ‘our lifestyle ‘ (an adjustment needed, say politicians, as a result of the increase in the price of fuel) -- Ada banyak cara untuk mendekati hati rakyat tanpa dilihat sebagai patronizing. Satu cara ialah dengan tidak berkata apa tetapi menjadi contoh yang baik. Mahatma Gandhi mungkin?

And to cap it all, after the movie, we had dinner at IKEA. We are addicted to IKEA’s Daim cake.

It has been a lovely weekend. Can’t wait for the next weekend.

And can’t wait for Monday. We’ll have trainees reporting for ‘work’. INTERNS!!! …

Not Monica Lewinsky lah…