Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Training for AWANI's WW





I enjoy conducting training, especially TV programme hosting and producing.

But sometimes they (my 'students') hate me because I ni cerewet and bosy gila.

Right now, I am training the next batch of AWANI talkshow anchors and they are progressing well.

As a 'teacher' the happiest moment is when your anak-anak didik berjaya and bask in glory.

Today, I feel so good when journalists like Ashwad, Ian and the rest perform well on screen.

The WW team -- Kate, Suria & Zul

Someone sent me a very sweet message in Facebook yesterday, saying that I have done a great job in packaging information and hosting programmes on AWANI.

Kembang sekejap... Tapi lepas tu pressure!! Pressure to perform even better.

While I love pressure, I sometimes terduduk bila under pressure.

Sometimes before I anchor big live programmes I will lock myself in a room (sometimes in the toilet) and cry for like one minute because the pressure is just so much (go ahead, you can call me fragile, I don't care) and then I will be ok.

And I have been doing that for the last 18 years!!!

Sometimes I am amazed at myself, expecially my brains as I can't control them (ooopsss.. did I say 'control?... hmmm ... private joke).

Tiba saja waktu "lights, camera, action" -- my brains will function 100 times better and I can think so fast compared to normal times. And the energy -- I don't where dari mana dia datang. And the humour, pun I tak tahu dari mana dia datang ... Kalau normal mode, I ni dumb sikit -- dumb blonde -- sikit slow... Bila showtime, I bertenaga .
I think Tuhan memang bagi rezeki for me in the broadcasting line!!!


Zul, Kate & Dangsuria


Tuhan, maafkanlah hambamu ini yang selalu lupa bersyukur.

BTW, anak murid yang sudah diberi reading assignment malam semalam, sila complete the assignment and make me proud ok?