Tuesday, June 24, 2008



To strike a conversation, the now not so predictable, more social and friendly Jef asked the waitress "What exactly is Celadon?"

The waitress replied "It is the ceramic ware that we use..."

Interesting... and nice.

Yes, the food was really nice -- delicious.

Celadon in this case is a Thai Restaurant. You might want to go to Celadon, on the top floor of Pavilion. It is now one of Jef''s favourite restaurants.

I particularly liked the river prawns cooked in tamarind sauce.

Talking about Celadon, sometime back, I was very much interested in Celadon but the interest died out as I found other more engaging interests (yeah... for me to know and for you to find out).

For the uninitiated, here is an info-capsule on Celadon from Wikipedia:

The term "celadon" for the pottery's pale jade-green glaze was first applied by European connoisseurs of the wares. One theory is that the name first appeared in France in the 17th century and is named after the shepherd Celadon in Honoré d'Urfé's French pastoral romance, L'Astrée (1627), who wore pale green ribbons. (D'Urfe, in turn, borrowed his character from Ovid's Metamorphoses. Another is that the term is a corruption of the name of Saladin Salah ad-Din), the Ayyubid Sultan, who in 1171 sent forty pieces of the ceramic to Nur ad-Din, Sultan of Syria. Yet another is the word derives from the Sanskrit sila and dhara, which mean "stone" and "green" respectively.

Now...now... why can't they just write in a more exciting and simple way? Boring betul... Potong steam....


After dinner at Celadon, we went hunting for my favourite EDP, Escada Sunset. But they have discontinued that particular fragrance. Uhhh...


After sending Jef to meet his friend in PJ (budak Kolek gak -- oh for the uninitiated Kolek = Malay College Kuala Kangsar -- the secondary womb that was responsible for our 'reborn' and 'rebirth' and the school that has shaped us into heroes), I went home and decided to singgah sebentar to have my teh tarik at the mamak restaurant near my sanctuary.

Suddenly it reminded me of a little girl I met a couple of days ago at the same place who walked up to me after being coaxed by her mom and told me " my mom loves to watch you on television. She says you are smart... I want to be like you and be on television..."

So sweet. I told her, of course you can be on television, "study hard and read alot and think smart..."

She said, "Ok, uncle"

So sweet.

Then her mom came over and invited herself to sit and asked me who is my role model in life and in broadcasting.

I replied..."I think now, your daughter is one of the many role models -- she was brave to approach me... I don't have one single role model. I find different strengths in different people and I use their strengths to guide me to move on and become better..."

The conversation ended when my phone rang and she decided to leave me to talk.

But Ma'am, I didn't get your name....


Roul gave me a CD which has a beautifuI song sung by Faizal Tahir but only today a part of the lyrics touched me... kengkadang feeling tak tentu pasal... graph turun naik macam dalam ER...

Carilah ku dalam hatimu
Sayang sebutlah kau rindu
Kasihmu kekal setia
Usah biarku terus terluka

Ok... Ok... I know you will say... Su, kau ni dah gila gamaknya!!!