Monday, October 30, 2006

Kurus sikit .. janji ada progress..

I can now wear my old jeans… Maksudnya, I lost weight sikit lah kan?

But when I looked in the mirror macam tak der perubahan pun. But I guess my peha and bontot ada sikit mengecil kot.

One of the hikmah of puasa… Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, yesterday, I had a very good meeting with my two good friends, and ex-TV3 like me, Tengku Rozidar and Sharifah Shawati.

We are working on an exciting new business venture catering to the needs of the mind, the body and the soul.

Also on the team is my junior kat MCKK dulu Mansor Tun Aziz and Bon Zainal. Bon’s manager, who is also Hans Isaac’s sister Lynette also attended the meeting at Dome, BSC.

Rozidar & Shawati

Tengku Rozidar, former TV3 & RTM journalist/anchor is now the famours 1901 franchise rights holder -- Franchisor.

Shawati, who was once a very hardworking lifestyle journalist and anchor for TV3 after leaving MAS, is today an image consultant who owns ADAMAYA, a salon ++ in Tanan Melawati.

We TV people have all moved on to better things… Syukur.. But we worked hard and smart gak...

Bon Zainal used to make nice jackets for me when I was a TV presenter. He is an image consultant.

And Mansor Tun Aziz is just multi-talented and susah nak categorize or silo him as he is just so good in whatever he does. Lately he is well known for contributing great stories for PRESTIGE magazine.