Thursday, October 26, 2006

I’m still in the holiday mood!!!

Me, Rizal and Papa Khalid started work yesterday. Work? Dah gila? We just lepak and did a lot of net browsing, and a bit of planning for the upcoming projects. It’s like 90% play 10% work.

And today, like yesterday, I’ll mandi at the office. Just so lazy to shower at home. So as usual, I grabbed my T-shirt, and pakai shorts and off to the office.

And oh ya, Mokciknab, for your info, so that I smell nice, I ‘tenggek’ (MCKK’s term for curi pakai barang orang lain, tapi perbuatan itu dimaafkan) your Marks & Spencer's Rose Body Spray. So now I smell like bunga rose and sirap bandung. Talk about delicious man… Pheeweet.

I'll wait till like after lunch, then will showerlah (kalau rajinlah).

Anyway, after leaving them for about 3 days, I guess the fish in the aquarium marah campur merajuk kot. So they rosakkan the water pump and I had to buy a new one yesterday.

Other than the above I’ve been a relatively good boy, compared to certain people. I stayed home, read books and magazines, waiting for friends to return from their kampungs. After that barulah jumpa and beraya.


Gambar-gambar adalah hiasan semata-mata. Tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau pun mati. Source: Google Images.