Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

I was at a mamak stall and saw the pricelist.

Teh Tarik RM 1.00
Teh Ais 1.10
Teh Pongkus 1:20

And what in the world is pongkus? I asked the tukang bancuh minuman and he said “itu teh, taruh dalam plastic kasi”. Oh BUNGKUS (as in take-away, to go).


I went to a wet market and suddenly saw huge frogs in a cage right in front of me. When it comes to frogs, I geli nak mampos and I terus latah .. “Oi..Babi..” And the frog seller, not knowing the latah phenomenon said “Aiya boss, itu mukan babi, itu katak”.


Then on one of my journeys I saw the following signboard kat kedai:

“Tukang Jahit Perempuan”

So, have you been cutting your women lately?



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