Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mokciknab, Firhad and the children came for a visit…

Yes they are in town for a week.

At the office, we had a crash catch-up session with Mokciknab The Shrink, while melayan 1001 questions and theories from the anak-anak…

Among them…

Aisyha: Uncle Suhaimi, I know who stole your laptop.
Me: Who?
Aisyha: Some hungry ugly guy who thought that the laptop was a loaf of bread.
Mokciknab: Oh Aisyha, you need a good script writer.

Aisya: Ah… new phone book… why do you need a phone book?
Me: So that the phone has something to read. Ok…ok I need a script writer too.

Adam: I have a new friend in Jakarta, a girl. What do you do with a girl?
Me: Do you need to do anything with a girl?
Adam: Just look at them?
Me: (silent and smile).

They will go back to join Dada and Uncle Roslan in Jakarta day after tomorrow. Yes they will be going back to their beautiful house – see the pictures below: