Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I just don’t understand…

I just don’t understand why some people associate the need to ‘report’ to the spouse every few hours as 'mega bukti' that they are ‘needed’ and ‘loved’.

I just cannot comprehend why when they are badly treated, like being screamed at, depa punya pengertian = “he/she is jealous that’s why I’m being treated this way”, and depa pun OK about it (read: suka kena PUNISHED).

I just couldn’t take it when they are 'happy' not having their own ‘lives’ – everything must include the spouse – and they know they are not happy with the arrangement but play along – just to be seen as they are ‘taken’.

I’d rather die daripada being denied of my freedom and independence even if that means I will have to live, dine and eat Twisties alone while watching Animal Planet or Travel Discovery.

But then again, I live by a different set of rules and they have their own baggage and history.

It’s a shitty zero-sum-game.


Pix from www.fotosearch.com