Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Start working on your first 'bestseller'.

It’s 4:15 am.

Just got back from sahur with Morkymoqq at Devi’s Bangsar.

It’s always a pleasure to lepak with Moqq. This time we talked about how bloggers have changed our lives and how we are addicted to certain blogs and how some of us practically live other people’s lives. It’s like we know them inside out, their friends, their cheating spouses, their marriage crisis, their fears etc.

It’s true. Postings on the net also helped us solve our problems and help us fight our 'keresahan jiwa'.

Morkymoqq and meehon.

Me perasan cun.

And to this one particular blogger – may be you should quit your ‘change management’ job and concentrate on churning bestsellers because we are addicted to your style and you are a DARN good writer.