Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Fendy and another talented emcee of MCKK

On Wednesday, Fendy and Zulikhwan treated me like royalty at MCKK, the school of Kings!!

The MCKK boys were so 'professional' and were so good in organizing the Malay College Youth Development Summit 2008 with participants from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

As an old boy, I was very proud.

Over lunch, I had a good discussion with the Principal, En Mohd Rauhi on upcoming projects for the boys and how I can help out.

Lunch at MCKK

In Kuala Kangsar too, I managed to discuss with Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development Deputy Minister, Dato Saifuddin Abdullah (Dato SAB), also an old boy of MCKK, on the current political scene.

Also with us were former basketball coach of MCKK Mr Liew, Jakli and Hishamuddin of Class of 78.

Had a great time at KK's Benteng with Dato SAB, Hishe, Jakli and Mr Liew until about 2 am.

Lunch at MCKK

Zulikhwan briefing me on the programme together with Fendy.

Pun Mei Yan (Ave Maria Convent), Fendy, me, Zulikhwan, Parkpien 'Sean' Bamrungpong (Vajiravudh College, Bangkok) and Keehan Hussain Manjee (Aitchison College, Lahore)

Fun moments






Ready to serve



Yes, Jef, we forgot the pau!

I only realized that I left the pau in the car this morning.

Pau Yut Loy yang sedap tu dah basi dalam kereta. All because I was so tired after the trip to Permatang Pauh and KK and just rushed up to the apartment and fell asleep on the couch.

After all the trouble 'competing' with other MCKK old boys for the pau, I managed to secure 2 pau ayam, 2 pau kaya and 2 pau kacang...


Many famous old boys were there at Yut Loy -- all on their way back from Permatang Pauh. We have old boys from both camps, BN and PKR. While we have differences in political views we are still brothers and had a great time having lunch/tea at Yut Loy.

The famous Hishamuddin Rais was there. So was Dato Salehuddin Hashim.

I was there with Moqq.

My senior of 2 years, Johari Kamil Ibrahim was there too -- and thanks for belanja we all, Bro Jo.

I arrived in KL at 7:30 pm. Went straight to pick up Jef at Kota Damansara and we went for dinner at Victoria Station.


On August 26, at Permatang Pauh, I managed to get first hand info on why Datuk Seri Anwar won big -- no need for some fancy post mortem -- it's all there in the open. No, I didn't get the insights from political analysts, but from the Pak Ciks and Mak Ciks that I met at coffee shops, the new Jaya Jusco, and all over Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Jaya and many other areas. The real barometer!!!





Sometimes I wonder, if the feedback that I got from the voters ever got to the ears of the strategists in BN.

Sometimes when we are in position of power, 'people' will only tell us what they think we want to know.

Time to think, really think.


Suddenly teringat lagu Datuk Sharifah Aini...

Tapi, dek kau jangan lupa
Kenang daku, dalam doa mu
Itu yang kupinta dari dulu waktu bertemu...


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today I received red and green apples beautifully wrapped in a small basket. It sure was a surprise, a beautiful surprise indeed.


In the basket were two small stones with a word carved on each stone. See below:


To the person who gave me the beautiful Sunday morning surprise (who will remain anonymous… as some people prefer to be “low profile”…) the apples that you gave and the message that came with it really touched my heart.

And you know how I feel for you.

The feeling is mutual.

It has been a very beautiful Sunday.

Thursday, August 21, 2008



Today, I miss my mom.

When I was refilling my fountain pen’s ink, I suddenly remembered mommy.

Mom was a school teacher. She has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. She said in those days, teachers must pass the ‘writing’ exam before they can teach.

When I got ‘number one’ in the final exam in standard one, mom and dad bought me my first fountain pen. When I was in standard two I was already learning how to write ‘cursive’ – yes cursive handwriting.


Mom would hold my hand and fingers and helped me to make the ‘circular movements’ to produce beautiful handwriting on the special exercise book with coloured lines.

She would say… “Cuba Ami tulis tentang cuti sekolah, satu mukasurat. Nanti emak check… Wah, cantik tulisan Ami, tapi boleh improve lagi… Sayang Ami…” And she would kiss me.

And I was so encouraged. I would sleep late at night, just to write and write to impress mom. I would copy pages and pages of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories to improve my handwriting.

And that got me addicted to reading... from 're-writing' Hans Christian Andersen, Enid Blyton and the Hardy Boys Series. Then dad bought volumes and volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica... Wow... more to write!!!

My handwriting today is not nice like mom’s but every time I hold the fountain pen, it would remind me of mommy’s love.

The other day I misplaced my fountain pen and I cried, not because I lost an expensive pen but fountain pens remind me of how mommy taught me to seek knowledge.

Ami sayang mak…

I will be back this weekend mom… Your son misses you. He needs you. Sometimes he feels so alone in a crowded and at times cruel world.


Yang ini, I copy-paste from an email I got today...


Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Kiss slowly. Forgive quickly. Life is never easy.

Renung-renungkan, selamat beramal.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



You must not only know what the trend is going to be but what opportunities it can create and how you can reap the benefits.

When the 7-Eleven stores started springing up in Malaysia, many thought it would not catch on like in the US. But they are still around and thriving.

And now the idea is being expanded by another company.

If you go to Sri Hartamas, you can see a new 24 hour outlet, KK. There is also a KK in Bangsar. Lagi besar, lagi banyak barang, hingga boleh membuat 7-Eleven tak relevant.

It is about location, location, location.

Bangsar and Sri Hartamas are places where you can see people hanging out from 9pm to sunrise.

Also, the 'creative class' people are nocturnal 'animals' and the new economy and globalization not only create more people in the creative class, but worldwide trading of commodities/financial instruments etc with centres in Europe and US, have resulted in many Malaysians having to stay up to get updates on trading etc etc.

As such, why should 24 hour operations be confined to just sundry goods and 7-Eleven type of businesses, or KK for that matter.

There are now new opportunities for lateral thinking hair salon owners, dry cleaning companies, manicurists, and reflexology therapists. Go 24!!! We are all so stressed and we need pampering during late nights.

When I was a student in Portland Oregon, I did my shopping for groceries at 3 am, after studying, as SAFEWAY (it is something like TESCO, Jaya Jusco) opened at that time -- 24 hours -- yes...


Moving on, I was annoyed earlier this morning.

I went to the bank at 9:35 am to pay my car loan. And I needed to withdraw money from the ATM.

The bank opened at 9:30, but at 9:45, I was still waiting outside as the staff needed to replenish cash in the ATM.

What? You do these things before the back buka lah... It is safer also. Why make us, consumers who give you the business, melangok kat luar? Ini gua nak komplen kat Chairman/President of the bank.

Monday, August 18, 2008



Sometimes we just need to attend 'refresher' courses.

Relationship 101 is good for urban dwellers who have no time for one-on-one shrink opportunities.

Even with a reputable shrink, it is good to go also... yes, yes... me included... It takes a brave 'man' to admit.

First lesson...see below

Cliche but could just be true....

"If you love someone, let it be and set him/her free, if he/she comes back to you, it's meant to be..."

Sunday, August 17, 2008



This story is about choices. Whether one wants to follow the heart or the mind. Whether you want to go for status quo or you want to go for broke.

Early in the morning Shamin (of course not his real name) was so depressed.

He thinks he is second or third best.

He feels he is always on the waiting list.

He is beginning to believe he is nothing more than a filler.

He gives and gives and never gets anything (that is what he believes...)

And today, he said, he was told to be on standby. If things go his way, then he is needed.

Shamin asked me to help him get out of depression for being My Standby, Mr WhenNeededOnly, Mr Provider and Mr SafetyNet.

I said, "I know how it feels. You have to know where you are in the pecking order, where you stand, what you mean to the people around you. So you want something back for whatever you give? You will end up more depressed if you think that way. When you give, never expect anything in return. So what if you are third best, your contributions will be remembered one day, and you will be the eternal number one. Let them be greedy for juggling number 1,2, 3, 4 and then you. You are full of love to give, anyway.."

Then I stopped the car...

I called Shamin, but there was no answer.

I just wanted to tell him, I could be very wrong....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

SUSUK -- The Movie


Jef and I left the cinema arguing whadda xokifide was the movie all about.

I said, Suzana (played by Ida Nerina) had to continue killing people to stay young and Soraya had to die to give Suzana her 'youth'.

Jef said, there were two different stories merged at the end. Apa dia?


The meat eating hantu was far from scarry.

Overall, it was a not-disappointing movie, not so earth shattering and kinda fun.

Sofia Jane's talent tak digunapakai and the Aleeza Kassim/Yasmin Yusof 'relationship' was kinda cool for a susuk intro for the uninitiated.

It's a movie with a blending of indie-mainstream approach.


Jef, next time no meat eating hantu yang bunuh orang dengan ayam dan terbang pakai rain-coat okay!!! Azab...Shaolin Temple pun tak apa.

Tapi nak buek camno, wayang sumo er tak sodap bulan ni... Susuk pon Susuk lah...

When I go tengok wayang, I want a nice story line, good script yang tak payah interpret and pikir berat-berat. Dahlah berjam-jam pikir benda berat-berat kat opis like civil society, new politics, bajet, etc. etc.

Ponek atok pikir ni ha... Lobih-lobih lai baco citor tak semonggah kek sokabar bersumpah-sumpah... ponek atok...


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Zulikhwan & Affendy

Dear Muhammad Affendy Hasni & Mohd Zulikhwan Ayub,

I was in the control room and I was so proud of both of you, especially when the Astro AWANI production team in the control room said "woi, pandai budak-budak MCKK ni... lagi pandai dari some of the VIPs yang kita pernah jemput..."

And I just proudly said... "of courselah, they all budak MCKK..."

And the AWANI Production Team said...."Hmmm.... sekolah dia...patutlah puji memanjang..."

And the best part, they survived anchor Kamarul Bahrin Haron's grill. And impressed everyone.

Kam, Zulikhwan, Affendy and me at the back


Muhamamd Affendy Hasni and Mohd Zulikhwan Ayub were our guests for Sudut Pandang. This morning's recording will be transmitted at 8:30 pm, Monday, August 18, on Astro AWANI Channel 501.

They came to promote and discuss The Malay College Youths Development Summit 2008 which will be held from August 24 to 31.

This inaugural summit will see participants from Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and top schools in Malaysia.

The student leaders will exchanged ideas on community development and others during the summit.


And from the way Affendy and Zulikhwan answered Kamarul's tough questions, I believe the Summit will be a great one.

Cikgu Liza, thanks for bringing them here.


Affendy is in the MCKK debating team and he reminded me of my younger days in MCKK.



I represented MCKK in the BM debate. We made it to the finals of Piala Perdana Menteri in 1979. Though we lost to Sekolah Tun Fatimah, we performed really well. It was televised LIVE on RTM. Yes, my 'girl-friend' masa tu dalam team STF. Nama dia Nor Hafizah Ismail, now dah Datin Nor Hafizah Ismail. The announcer at that time made a blunder though when introducing the 3rd speaker from MCKK.

He said, 'sekarang dipersilakan pembahas ketiga dari Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar, Suhaimi BINTI Sulaiman..." Yes BINTI, whadda..., I freaked out for 3 seconds. Then I confidently made my debut on tele... and today, I love the television-business.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008



I am so happy.

Finally I can urinate with ease.

Yes, they now have males cleaning our toilet at the office.

Previously, we had three Indonesian women cleaning the toilet at the same time and sengaja mop lantai dekat ngan kita, all speaking in a dialect yang pekat and giggling while we were 'standing' in front of the urinal -- possibly talking about us and making fun.

Cuba kalau orang jantan pi mop lantai dalam toilet pompuan... kalau tak terpekik terlolong, tak tau lah...

Women cleaners dalam toilet jantan kacau ketenteraman awam dalam toilet.

Depa ni suka jeling-jeling, I caught them jeling-jeling once...

Lainlah kalau I ni exhibitionist...

I ni pemalu. macam daun please, kalau kat urinal belakang I jangan lalu...

Monday, August 11, 2008




I was still up at 3 am. Memang susah nak lelap mata. Lapar yang teramatlah sangat!!

So I decided to masak sambal sardin.

Potong bawang besar dan bawang putih, tumis dalam microwave oven for 1 min 30 sec with 3 sudu minyak.

Lepas tu add serbuk cili and put back in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then add sardin and garam and put back in the microwave for 2 minutes -- siap.

And then I buat ikan bilis goreng pakai microwave gak. Segenggam ikan bilis gaul dengan 3 sudu makan minyak and put in microwave for 3 minutes -- siap -- garing macam keropok.

Makan dengan white bread -- menjilat jari dan segala-galanya.


Oh BTW Mr dot dot dot yang mempunyai ketinggian yang sederhana dah beli 'alat' untuk menambah ketinggian...

Kenapalah.... Can't help but laugh berdekah-dekah

We love you, tak kisah lah tinggi ker pendek ker... Yang penting hati baik...






Thanks M.N dear for the surprise. You didn’t have to...

I was really touched…

And yes, Escada is my favourite. I just love Escada Sunset Heat for Men.

Appreciate it very much.

How can I be angry with/at delayed ‘flights’….

Sunday, August 10, 2008



Give alternatives. Don't just criticize...


No I am not mad, just disappointed. I have rearranged my schedule. But then, there are things that are just beyond our control, like a delayed flight or a chain reaction of events… Delayed flight eh?


I just want to be important in someone’s life…. Am I not important to you? I feel I'm not appreciated... (doing a self-pity piss artist mono..) .. Oh since I'm in the mood for self-pity, hear this, I am number 65 in your top 100 chart and just waiting for the roof to fall on me... (got it out of my chest finally...).


Reed, it was a fabulous get together/dinner after a minor disappointment…


The monkey is on the throne ... Long live Capucine (sometimes spelt 'Capuchin').


Rahmat, I hope everything is OK... You need a shoulder and ear... count on me...


I am going to dazzle them... mark my words...


Saturday, August 09, 2008



Say what you want but I think my paternal instinct is stronger than some men who have children.

Then you will ask, why don't you have kids? Or, why don't you get married?

Now... I will not want to start an argument but I will just say -- nurturing does not mean I have to end up in a marriage or relationship. You can 'nurture' by just being who you are, with or without ties to the 'kid' or 'adult' you are nurturing... yeah...yeah... throw stones at me now...

Strangers find me very nurturing -- now, define that please...

We all have our own nurturing side.


We have a lot to gain from letting ourselves trust more and more our own instinctive and intuitive reactions...

No I am not crazy... I just look, see and analyze...


My nephew Syaza thinks I am the greatest Pak Ngah in the world.

Yes, you can call me uncle.

No, not because of the high fever I had yesterday...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


They don't call me vain for nothing.

My name is pronounced SUHAIMI VAIN SULAIMAN (VAIN = BIN for those who can't pronounce 'V').

Yes, I spend hours in front of the mirror to look natural. So what? I tak kacau orang....

I love myself... And I love other people too...And I have been accussed of loving certain people more... And i won't apologize for that... Coz it is o' so true