Tuesday, August 19, 2008



You must not only know what the trend is going to be but what opportunities it can create and how you can reap the benefits.

When the 7-Eleven stores started springing up in Malaysia, many thought it would not catch on like in the US. But they are still around and thriving.

And now the idea is being expanded by another company.

If you go to Sri Hartamas, you can see a new 24 hour outlet, KK. There is also a KK in Bangsar. Lagi besar, lagi banyak barang, hingga boleh membuat 7-Eleven tak relevant.

It is about location, location, location.

Bangsar and Sri Hartamas are places where you can see people hanging out from 9pm to sunrise.

Also, the 'creative class' people are nocturnal 'animals' and the new economy and globalization not only create more people in the creative class, but worldwide trading of commodities/financial instruments etc with centres in Europe and US, have resulted in many Malaysians having to stay up to get updates on trading etc etc.

As such, why should 24 hour operations be confined to just sundry goods and 7-Eleven type of businesses, or KK for that matter.

There are now new opportunities for lateral thinking hair salon owners, dry cleaning companies, manicurists, and reflexology therapists. Go 24!!! We are all so stressed and we need pampering during late nights.

When I was a student in Portland Oregon, I did my shopping for groceries at 3 am, after studying, as SAFEWAY (it is something like TESCO, Jaya Jusco) opened at that time -- 24 hours -- yes...


Moving on, I was annoyed earlier this morning.

I went to the bank at 9:35 am to pay my car loan. And I needed to withdraw money from the ATM.

The bank opened at 9:30, but at 9:45, I was still waiting outside as the staff needed to replenish cash in the ATM.

What? You do these things before the back buka lah... It is safer also. Why make us, consumers who give you the business, melangok kat luar? Ini gua nak komplen kat Chairman/President of the bank.