Sunday, August 17, 2008



This story is about choices. Whether one wants to follow the heart or the mind. Whether you want to go for status quo or you want to go for broke.

Early in the morning Shamin (of course not his real name) was so depressed.

He thinks he is second or third best.

He feels he is always on the waiting list.

He is beginning to believe he is nothing more than a filler.

He gives and gives and never gets anything (that is what he believes...)

And today, he said, he was told to be on standby. If things go his way, then he is needed.

Shamin asked me to help him get out of depression for being My Standby, Mr WhenNeededOnly, Mr Provider and Mr SafetyNet.

I said, "I know how it feels. You have to know where you are in the pecking order, where you stand, what you mean to the people around you. So you want something back for whatever you give? You will end up more depressed if you think that way. When you give, never expect anything in return. So what if you are third best, your contributions will be remembered one day, and you will be the eternal number one. Let them be greedy for juggling number 1,2, 3, 4 and then you. You are full of love to give, anyway.."

Then I stopped the car...

I called Shamin, but there was no answer.

I just wanted to tell him, I could be very wrong....