Monday, July 28, 2008


Apa pasal tak bukak on Saturday and Sunday? Sah sah dua hari tu ramai nak servis kereta. Tak paham... Simple... Common sense...

Sunday, July 27, 2008



I could be wrong but you can tell how your friend/partner/spouse/colleague will treat you in the future once the dust settles by looking at his/her interaction with his/her surroundings. How? Well, the way...

1. He/she drives the car -- a courteous defensive driver vs a cilok-milok Raikkonen.

2. He/she treats the waiter/waitress at the restaurant.

3. He/she treats the 'pengemis buta yang minta sedekah kat Pelita Nasi Kandar yang dipimpin oleh perempuan yang pakai baju kurung baru dan elok potongan baju pula dan kain yang bukan murah...'

4. He/she looks at others -- sekali atau dua kali pandang.

5. He/she takes care of you and your feelings.

But then again, I could be wrong...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


The Weather Team -- Izzah, Hilmi, Shareena & Zul



Zul & I during the recording of Kelab Pop

It’s Saturday and everything went smooth this morning – the recording of Perspektif Kita and Temujanji.

Marlina did well today as the host for Perspektif Kita. It is great to see her becoming confident and comfortable every week in her role as an anchor.

This morning, we recorded an episode on Generasi Pelapis FELDA. I must say, the audience today gave very good ideas during the discussion.

Temujanji went well too with guest Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed. He is a fine gentleman indeed. We had lunch before the programme. And if only the audience can ask other questions instead of “bila nak berumahtangga? Apakah ciri-ciri wanita pilihan Dr Faiz?” the programme would be a lot better.

I don’t understand Malaysians' obsession/fascination pasal kahwin, bila nak kahwin, bila lagi nak timang anak… Apa pasal dunia mereka kecil sangat? There are a lot of other things to discuss. I guess when one don’t read enough they will start thinking of copulating… entahlah… I give up…

Will be meeting Moqq tonight for our regular get together… Therapy rather….

Tomorrow will be a ‘budak baik’ day for me… Membongkang dalam rumahlah kot, coz my movie-buddy and jalan-jalan-makan-lepak buddy, Jef, is in Taiping for a rugby tournament.

Oklah, duduk rumah jerlah baca Pancaindera and the National Enquirer… I need my dose of _ _ _ _ _ too. Go figure…

Thursday, July 24, 2008



Why do we delegate the task of answering the phone and greeting the guests to the most junior staff who would normally be at the base (read: bottom) of the totem pole? Yes... RAW...

The most appropriate person to answer a customer's query is the most senior and experienced staff. That way, a company can almost immediately increase sales, get new clients, and immediately create a great impression of the organization.

People hate to be passed from one 'person-in-charge' to another when they have problems and need to talk to the 'right' person in the organization. Only a senior person can make the right decision. And isn't that what marketing is all about?

Of course he or she does not have to be answering calls the whole day long, but we can have 4 very senior people taking turns (if the company is big) to answer calls daily. So, a senior manager can spend 2 and a half hours answering calls like 2 days in a row. And it is the best investment in human resource management.

The organization must reposition the 'receptionist and operator' position to become the most wanted position by employees and the one that pays the most.

Especially now, when we do lots of tele-marketing. Better than taking a full-page Ad in the newspaper. And also you can see the bosses in action and see their people-skills. Barulah -- kepimpinan melalui teladan.

Sunday, July 20, 2008



When your colleagues or subordinates perform really well at what they do, praise them, tell them that they are good. Tell them that they have done well.

If your friends need support, give them what they need.

If you love someone, do not be afraid to say 'I love you..."

It will not make you less a man (if you are a man), to say 'I love you' to the people that you really love -- well, you know how some men misinterpret and couldn't tell the difference between 'being macho' and 'being insensitive'. To me, it's just plain stupid.

I didn't praise Syed Mohamed Nur enough. He was the best intern ever that I have worked with. At 23 years old with just one more subject before graduation, he was even better than some of the producers that I have worked with. He was a great guy. Very polite and ever willing to help others. I didn't praise him enough.

He collapsed when we were having ice-cream at Astro's Executive Dining Room and passed away a few minutes later in the ambulance while Azean and I were holding his hands. The doctor said, his heart failed minutes after he collapsed.

I am still recovering from a state of shock.

We (me, Azean, Kamarul and Haji Nazri) made the arrangements for managing the jenazah and pengkebumian -- something that I have never done before. We had to help the family as they were so traumatized.

We have one life to live. A short one too. Just give love and never expect anything back. And don't hide your feelings.

Ayah, mak, abang, dokmen, adik, Syaza, Jida, Kak Ani, Mokciknab, Kam, Moqq, Jef -- I love all of you. (I might have accidentally left out some names... I am still recovering from shock... Please accept my apologies).

To my friends at Awani and out there, I love you too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008









Monday, July 14, 2008


Tune in to ASTRO AWANI (Channel 501) tonight, July 15, from 8:25 pm to midnight.
We will not only bring you the debate 'LIVE' but also the analysis with experts and opinion leaders.

Sunday, July 13, 2008



Seribu satu lodakan rasa
susah tuk aku luah
sungguh rumit untuk kumadah

aku bertahan
kerana ruang, lingkaran dan jalinan

jika tali ke Parthenon timur putus
pohon rendang sekurun kan pupus
dan linangan sedu terus berutus

aku cuba melambai pergi
cuma bertambah rindu tiba dinihari

tapi bila mereka beredar gembira
dengan jari kecil mengait rasa
cemburuku sukar sembunyi di wajah dan mata
cinta yang rumit membuat hatiku mati walau fasad bernyawa ceria pura-pura

dia faham dan tahu
tapi sukar mengerti apa ia mahu

Thursday, July 10, 2008



First and foremost, thanks Mukmin for sending my car for washing and also sebab tolong beli perut lembu masak lemak dengan rebung and rendang tok Kualer plus nasi lembik.

And you think Friday is a day to berlunjur and lepak? Definitely not. Lots of planning for next week and editorial preparation for recording on Saturday and Sunday.

But then, it is always the busy people who will get things done... kan kan kan?

Anyway, I am looking forward to lots of things this weekend. Marlina will host her second Perspektif Kita tomorrow. She has a great potential to be a very good talkshow host. I would just give her tips here and there... the rest she will improvise.

As a 'guru' when you see your anak didik berjaya, you rasa nak nangis happy.

Oh by the way, I hope my other student yang kena baca 3 buku sekali gus, is doing fine and hope the new router functions well. Senyap jer... Tak sayang Cikgu lah tu...


Tomorrow after the recording, I have to go find a nice black and white batik shirt for a function with Moqq and the family. Where to get a nice linen batik? I tak gemar yang silk punya sebab they tend to hug my body yang macam guni beras basmati.

I also need to go to ayah and mak's place to send ayah's songkok yang tertinggal dalam kereta.


Yesterday on Analisis AWANI we discussed the National Integrity Perception Index Report for 2007.

Kam articulating... What??

Kam, me and Nazri


Our guests were Haji Mustafar Haji Ali, Deputy President of Integrity Institute Malaysia, Dr KM Loi of Transparency International Malaysia and Assoc Prof Dr. Mohd Fuad Mat Jali of UKM.

Among others, we discussed some 'scarry findings' like 52.5 per cent of the respondents feared there was a lack of control over corruption in politics. 16.7 per cent of civil servants said they did not consider using their power or position in public office for their own gain as a corrupt act. Worse, a sizeable 39.5 per cent of council officers said they did not think it's wrong to use office funds for their own benefit.



In the evening, we had a great debate on Kam's show. We discussed 'Politik Baru' with BN's Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and Keadilan's Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim.

Datuk Dr Zambry, Kam and Datuk Zahrain

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I sleep very late because my otak needs time to tune out and switch off.

So I perlulah buat sesuatu sebelum mata lelap at around 2 am.

So I lukis design atas baju-baju linen yang ada, pakai fabric dye.

And I seriously think I should go into menconteng (instead of tjanting) business -- design atas baju, atas cadar, atas pillow case, towels, jeans etc etc.

What say you... I already have someone who is willing to be my distributor/marketing agent..

See the design I buat semalam... ceritanya -- dua ekor angsa -- satu menyelam satu tengah posing....




Someone 'sold' a stupid joke recently. Here goes...

"Kenapa keretapi tu manis?"

The answer = sebab kena simbah dengan air sirap...

Can I kill people now?


Tuesday, July 08, 2008















Today I feel really honoured indeed.

I got an email from my alma mater, The Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

The Principal of MCKK has invited me to be the moderator of the inaugural Malay College Youths Development Summit 2008.

The international summit from August 24 to 31, 2008 will see high school students from Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia exchanging ideas on leaadership and community development.


Once again, I feel really honoured indeed and I have extended an invitation to the students to appear on Sudut Pandang LIVE on Astro AWANI to talk about the gathering.

I love MCKK. The Fiat Sapienta Virtus spirit lives in me. Always.

It is all about giving back to the school and the community.


Siapa nak ikut?

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Azean & Wan Zul at Samson's wedding

Nisa & Nini at Samson's wedding

Dangsuria & Nazri at Samson's wedding

Adilah & Fiza at Samson's wedding

Me & Azman at Samson's wedding

Dino, me & Roul

Dino & Me

Dino & Nazri

Me & Azman at Samson’s wedding reception at Kampung Pengantin

It is almost midnight. I just came back from teh tarik plus chat session with Dr Azam at Restaurant Bestari, Plaza Damas. We discussed an interesting book project among others. But other than the book project, we did lots of people-watching – a lot more interesting.

As promised, I cooked Nasi Farsi today dengan Kari Ayam and Kacang Boncis. Mukmin and Roul makan hingga menjilat jari. I love entertaining people with food – glorious food. It is one way of expressing how we value their friendship and love. Sometimes it is more meaningful to express our love through action rather than the cliché ‘I love you…’ (plus, some people find it very difficult to say the phrase…….).


After makan-makan, we went for reflexology at Sri Hartamas. The place is 4 doors away from 7-Eleven and managed by people from China. We communicated pakai sign language as they don’t speak English or Malay and our Mandarin is so bad.

The reflexology? Not bad – a bit painful, but pain is definitely pleasure.


Yesterday, we enjoyed ourselves at Samson’s wedding reception. I sang Sudirman’s Joget Kenangan Manis at the reception and danced the joget together with Azean, Kam, Che Yuz and Samson’s relatives.

Dino did very well in his debut for Temujanji on Saturday. I coached him very little. He did everything himself. Congrats. After the recording, we (me, Roul, Dino and Shubern) had late lunch at Sao Nam, my favourite Vietnamese Restaurant at Plaza Damas. Mukmin joined us later.


After makan semua lima-lima orang ended up at my sanctuary at Dorchester Service Apartment, Plaza Damas, and kita semua tidur sampailah waktu maghrib.

Ah, BTW, last night after Samson’s wedding reception, Jef and I went to Signature-GSC for midnight movie. We bought the Gold Class ticket to watch ‘Wanted’ starring Angelina Jolie.

For RM50 you will get the waiter to deliver refreshments to you and your reclining seat can be converted to a bed. And yes, complete with pillow and blanket.
And what happened? Both me and Jef terus tidur nyenyak. Jef kejutkan I beberapa kali because I snored. And tahu-tahu jer, wayang dah habis. Both of us tidur. Pengajarannya. Tak payah tengok wayang kat Gold Class sebab terlampau comfortable and terus tidur… So we paid RM100 untuk tidur for 2 hours.