Saturday, July 26, 2008


The Weather Team -- Izzah, Hilmi, Shareena & Zul



Zul & I during the recording of Kelab Pop

It’s Saturday and everything went smooth this morning – the recording of Perspektif Kita and Temujanji.

Marlina did well today as the host for Perspektif Kita. It is great to see her becoming confident and comfortable every week in her role as an anchor.

This morning, we recorded an episode on Generasi Pelapis FELDA. I must say, the audience today gave very good ideas during the discussion.

Temujanji went well too with guest Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed. He is a fine gentleman indeed. We had lunch before the programme. And if only the audience can ask other questions instead of “bila nak berumahtangga? Apakah ciri-ciri wanita pilihan Dr Faiz?” the programme would be a lot better.

I don’t understand Malaysians' obsession/fascination pasal kahwin, bila nak kahwin, bila lagi nak timang anak… Apa pasal dunia mereka kecil sangat? There are a lot of other things to discuss. I guess when one don’t read enough they will start thinking of copulating… entahlah… I give up…

Will be meeting Moqq tonight for our regular get together… Therapy rather….

Tomorrow will be a ‘budak baik’ day for me… Membongkang dalam rumahlah kot, coz my movie-buddy and jalan-jalan-makan-lepak buddy, Jef, is in Taiping for a rugby tournament.

Oklah, duduk rumah jerlah baca Pancaindera and the National Enquirer… I need my dose of _ _ _ _ _ too. Go figure…