Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A friend of mine seeks my ‘pandangan’ about the following. She feels she is being used and betrayed.


I have invested time, efforts and emotions to help out a friend to realize his dreams. We worked hard and went through hell sometimes. Now, he has achieved his dreams. And what about me? I’ve been sidelined and being made to feel worthless.

My ‘pandangan’ (trying to be as objective as possible):

There could be other things that he has not been telling you. May be he has lots of shit to deal with or he is just in deep shit. Men don’t talk about these things and they would normally end up having heart attacks and die on the sidewalk (while wearing Zegna suit) because they bottled up everything. So, you might want to find out the degree of shit he is in and there are 2 options:

1. Make sure he tells the truth and start mapping out possible ways to get out of the mess using lateral thinking skills, that is if he wants to become good againlah… But some people are just like dung beetle. They like to make huge castles made of shit and live in it and eat the walls made of shit too. But no matter what, he has to come in with ‘clean hands’. Don’t ever sever ties…

2. Leave him to deal with the shit after you hit his head with a hammer. Because in the first place he should have explained the shitty truth and ask your opinion whether you want to play shit with him. If you knew, you would not, right? But tuhan tak suruh kita pukul kepala kawan dengan tukul besi atau gergaji badan kawan-kawan.

Your pandangan?



And today on the front page of The Star, are quotes by people who were supposed to lead us. They make huge houses secara tak sah. And boy do they have lots of money…

Talking about money, stories about how small time business people having to pay amount like RM100,000 to get small contracts/projects and all, is nothing new.

Not only that, sometimes the small time businessmen had to buy new sofa sets for Hari Raya, and also pay the mobile phone bills for these assholes, just to ensure long term projects will continue to come.

My word for these people -- SIAL

An honest dictatorship is always better than a corrupt democracy


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