Thursday, June 30, 2005

Great service at Maybank

I was at Maybank Dayabumi Branch earlier today for some banking transactions.

I was amazed at how the service culture has improved in Malaysia.

I was attended by two really nice staff of Maybank, Kathy and Noraizam.

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Not only were they very efficient, but they made me feel very much at ‘home’.

Even the security guard was very nice and invited both Ian and Shazwan to sit down. BTW Shazwan has been mistaken many times lately as Tam Spider – tapi dia buat macam tak suka plak,pada hal suka giler.

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I once worked for a bank (but that was many, many years ago) and not only we had to be fast, but make sure tak salah kira.

So kekadang tension tu terlihat di muka.

So I can understand the pressure that Kathy and her friends had to endure everyday, but still the people at Maybank Dayabumi baik dan peramah and senyum selalu.

Memang bagus… (I pun peramah giler… teramatlah peramah sampai timbul masalah pula kekadang...)