Thursday, June 16, 2005

Takut, takut, takut

Ampun coz lama tak update blog.

I have been very busy, kerja bertimbun-timbun.

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Our group is working on a mega ‘fun’ project which will hopefully give us a chance to own a Troika Unit next to the Petronas Twin Towers and get us out of relative-poverty (kalau bandingkan dengan Mr Donald Trump).

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Deadline dah lepas dah..

I hope (and very sure jugak) the mega ‘fun’ project will be a success coz my students and our faculty members will also be participating – nantilah, bila dah nak launch nanti, I cerita lebih banyak.

Recently, I gave an assignment to my students -- What will they write in their columns (if they were given columns in the newspapers)? And what kind of treatment would they give? They were given a week to complete the assignment.

And guess what? I received e-mails every single day. The kids were not sure how to start, takut salah treatment, takut salah buat, takut lari dari topic…etc..etc… The word is TAKUT.

This is not the first time. Penyakit ini berlaku every single semester. Why are our kids scared to pursue something new? Takut, takut, takut.

I think I know why. Because selama ni it has always been “I’m the instructor/teacher and you student -- I talk you listen and memorize -- Come exam time you regurgitate.”

That is why we don’t have many creative and brave souls that have emerged from the system.

Semunya timid-timid coz we taught them to be timid.

So kids.. Listen (I know you are reading this…), kalau you tak berani redah and be more adventurous, you won’t get good marks. We have to be leaders not followers. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

We learn faster when we make mistakes.

I made lots of mistakes and I’m still smiling… so what the heck.