Monday, June 27, 2005

Discourse on the Built Environment

It was an interesting meeting with Prof Dr Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi, Director of UTM’s KALAM – The Centre for the Study of Built Environment in the Malay World, last night.

We talked about content for the masses on culture and the built environment.

Among others, we discussed the question of identity in Malaysian architecture and the political ideas of Islam and their influence on mosque architecture in Malaysia.

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One thing for sure, soon, you’ll see capsules of information regarding built environment that will easily be consumed by ‘normal’ people like us.

What did I do over the weekend? Pure relaxation. And indulged in ‘makan durian’. Patutlah badan panas semacam.

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And what else… Akademi Fantasia? Well, enough is enough. I don’t want to spend Saturday night at home anymore since Idayu is now out! Memang bebudak vote ni semua tak tahu mana kaca mana permata. Idayu is winner material lah, macamana boleh keluar. Well, patutlah dalam politik ada ‘politik wang’.