Friday, June 10, 2005

Have a great weekend

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Thank God It's Friday. Finally I will have time to do what I like. Want to catch up on my reading and do a bit of filing, settle the bills, and clean the house.

Where can I get good help to clean the house? I used to have Halimah who would come to the house to do some cleaning but now since she has coloured her hair, pakai lipstick merah menyala, berketat and all, she is no longer available to clean the house. Halimah now manages a snooker centre. Not bad for someone who came all the way from seberang, faced all the challenges and berani.

Halimah should be an inspiration to many orang-orang kita yang takut nak buat itu, takut nak buat ini -- redah ajer lah.

'Redah ajer lah' has been our cogankata over the past 2 years (our = me, mokciknab and gang). There are lots of opportunities out there. It's all up to us to 'redah ajer'. Now I found out, some of the things they taught me in the MBA class tak boleh pakai sangat. Go for specific segment lah itulah, inilah. Sometimes it's ok to be a kedai runcit for cashflow purposes. I think entrepreneurs like us should rewrite some of the textbooks that the lecturers yang tak pernah buat business tu pakai.

Janganlah marah.. kalau marah nanti kena jual. Kalau marah, nanti main tak best.