Thursday, June 23, 2005

Gara-gara nak exercise

Gara-gara nak exercise.

Last night, after the AGENDA recording with Datuk Azalina, Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad, Hassan Tun Sulaiman and Lazarus Rokk, I decided to go for a swim.

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Yes, I did one lap and all of the sudden my left pinggang macam rasa urat/muscle bersimpol. Satu malam I bertampal dengan Tohtonku. Thank God I feel much better today, though jalan ada sikit macam zombie.

So over the next two days kena exercise ringan ler… hmmm thinking of getting a tukang urut to my place later.

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But one problem -- whenever someone massages me, I’ll just fall asleep right away, no matter how painful the massage can be.

I was at Kampong Pandan earlier today to discuss a major project with my former prefects at MCKK, Maka and Jasmani of AMAL Architect.

After the meeting I drove around the Desa Pandan area – some sort of a down memory lane trip. When I first started working, in KL, Muluk, Aziz and I rented a 3 bedroom apartment at Block G. Our apartment was two floors above Malek Noor’s – yes, Mr Angkat Berat & badan cantik -- ha.. ini baru 'world'