Sunday, June 12, 2005

Love yourself...

I finally accepted myself.

This morning I looked in the mirror, I saw an overweight but pleasant looking early 40s man, and I liked him – yeah I like ME!!

I said to myself -- I don’t really need to cut calories to go down a few pounds to please others – but I’ll do it for health reasons.

But the point is – I like myself – finally.

I can live with my double chin, wavy difficult to style hair, and my ‘puak keren’ lipcolour which makes me look poor – that’s why on TV, they taught me to use lip-liner and dab it with a bit of Miyami powder (thanks Najib, Jack, Lela, Bib, Mups and all the make-up people at TV3 and ASTRO for the tips).

When I saw Fuad (of the Akademi Fantasia Fame) last night, I said to myself – there’s a young kid who’s happy with himself (at least he looked like it), and it’s ok to be slightly overweight.

And when I saw my picture in Le Prestige magazine this morning (nampak gemoklah tapi senyuman tetap menawam kalbu together with Datuk Seri Nazri Tan Sri Aziz and Abdul Razak Ali), I was pleased.

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Now I can understand why some people can ‘pose’ for the camera with minimal linen on – hmmm. Now don’t you get some crazy ideas – but then again….

Talking about Akademi Fantasia – it made me wonder what is wrong with the voting public.

I think we enjoy proposing nerds, misfits, less-then-pandai and ‘content-empty’ people to lead/entertain us and make their lives miserable and then when the system dah collapsed we’ll talk at kedai kopi and let somebody else fix the damage – that explains the Mawi Fiasco on Akademi Fantasia.

And talented ones like Eliza got booted out – why, coz people can’t stand her charming though a bit childish ways – hello… accept people for who they are – lantaklak dia nak gedik ker, janji dia nyanyi best. Taklah lupa lirik etc.

I think Malaysians still have a long way to go in democratizing banyak benda—itu baru hiburan belum other major decisions – entahlah – wahai rakyat – pandaikanlah diri mu.