Monday, June 20, 2005

Living a life of significance

Yesterday was a very productive day for me.

I was at MIIM the whole day, sharing knowledge with my students.

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I treat my students like my adik beradik, sharing industry knowledge with them and helping them to leap forward in an unorthodox way – so that they are able to think outside the box.

They have to learn more and they need to synthesize more. They need to be more creative and be more competitive in a very challenging world today.

In class we discussed lots of new business potentials in content creation and development. And I was amazed at the maturity level of some of the students.

In the evening, I had dinner with the very down to earth and beautiful Maznah Zolkifli at Rebung Café in Bangsar.

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Rebung is a nice place owned by Chef Ismail and Dr Sheikh Muszaphar.

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The makanan sudah tentulah delicious coz it’s ‘air tangan’ Chef Ismail. Chef Ismail was not in, as he was on his way to Holland.

Dr Sheikh was such a nice host, we chatted for a while and only to realize later that it was almost midnight and I was afraid my Kembara would turn into a pumpkin and my glass kasut would disintegrate -- but they did not!

So guys, finally we have a nice place to entertain clients and friends with authentic Malay Cuisine. Try it.

Last night, I managed to curl up with a good book after geram at the results of Akademi Fantasia (macam mana lah Fuad tu boleh terkeluar, he is STAR material – itulah AF dah menjadi medan for jauhari yang ada sedikit kureng mengenal manikam).

Anyway, forget about AF and lets talk about the book. It is murah but very good. I bought it at MPH for just RM19.90 (One of those books yang orang tak nak beli)

It is about good communications and living well by Terry Felber. The title is “Am I Making Myself Clear?”

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Among the interesting stuff in it:

We need to live “a life of significance”. If we were to make a difference, it would be through our relationships with others, our ability to connect with people in a real way. We must not pass through this life just existing, just putting in our time – live a life of no regrets.

And I smiled after reading it and I terus makan roti telor bawang. Yummm