Wednesday, April 23, 2008



This Saturday, at 10:00 am, we will be recording another episode of Perspektif Kita and the topic is "Apabila rakyat lebih percayakan blog berbanding media arus perdana".

If you are interested to be our studio audience and participate in the 'ala-townhall' discussion, you can call Azean at 019-262-7886.


If you have a big group, we can provide a bus to pick you and your friends.

Tapi seats limited. Cepat.



Right after the recording, I will be flying north to participate in a Communications Seminar at Universiti Utara.

Hope to catch up with kengkawan at the Sintok campus.

Lama dah tak jenguk.

And BTW, the nice Idzuan of UUM has promised me, immediately after touch down akan bawak I pi makan ikan bakar... Yoohoooooo...

Addicted to "The Legend of Suriyothai"

I have been watching it over and over again.

It is not a new movie.

It was released in 2001.


I somehow managed to get it only recently, thanks to my buddy Faisal who was on holiday in Penang and got it from his 'kaki'.

I just love the 'culture' in the movie.

The Legend of Suriyothai is a Thai film directed by Chatrichalern Yukol.

It is about Queen Suriyothai of Siam.

She died in a battle in 1548 against Burmese invaders.

Taking her battle elephant in front of the Burmese army, Suriyothai sacrificed herself to save the life of her King Chakrapat and his kingdom,

The film follows the dramatic course of the life of Suriyothai from her adolescence to her death.

It presents a young woman of minor royal standing who has strong opinions and a great deal of self-determination.


She loves Lord Piren, but is promised to Prince Tien, the son of the second king of the realm.

In an attempt to escape a marriage she does not want she runs away and is captured by the principal king who explains the possible problems her marriage to Piren might cause to Siam.

For the good of the kingdom, she marries Tien to keep peace in the royal families.

From this point on she remains loyal to the man she likes but does not love, and is far from being his puppet.

I am not going to tell more -- just watch the movie on DVD.

The film was financed by Queen Sirikit.

It was said that the film was originally the idea of Queen Sirikit.

Because Thai schools no longer teach history with the same detail that they once did, the Queen wanted the Thai people to have a better understanding of their history and felt that a motion picture would be a good way to accomplish this.

I say, Malaysia should do something like this...

Waiting for Rahmat to recommend me more movies like this....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's Biarlah Rahsia is playing while I'm hitting the keyboard.

And ... BINGO!!!

Pernahkah kau bermimpi seketika
Berada di tempatku
Membayangkan pahit manis berlalu
Entah siapa yang tahu....

That's exactly how I feel....especially after yesterday's banter.

I had to enter a different dimension, outside-looking-in, to make sense of the following hard hitting comments in a casual conversation.

HHH: You think $#$# really loves you?

SSS: I don't know. I guess so.

HHH: Get real, will you...for once. S#S# is in love with the image that you created on TV!

SSS: But that's me...I am always myself on tele...

HHH: Yeah, try you without the screen presence, the name, the brand, the image.

SSS: (silence)

HHH: And also the fat wallet and the bank account and what you will inherit.

SSS: (silence)

HHH: You don't realize the impact you have on people. And there are opportunists out there. Cunning ones.

SSS: Then I will never have anyone...

HHH: (silence)


I walked away. I will always have doubts even in the best of humans.


Rihanna's 'Unfaithful' is blasting while I'm posting this entry.

Yes, I don't want to be a murderer too.

It hurts so bad....

Don't ever be a two timing jerk....



When I was a young boy, my grandmother said, "kalau jalan, jangan seret kasut, nanti kasut cepat haus..."

But I can't change.

I terus jalan seret-seret kasut or selipar or boots or terompah.

That is why my cowboy boots can't last more than a year... It is now time to buy a brand new pair. Yang ada sekarang, tapak kaki dah rasa macam kena lantai.

I have always been stubborn. Born a taurus (saja nak hint May 15 is my birthday), I always want things to be and go my way and always, I would end up with disappointment (eh... ini cerita lain pulak...).



And I guess, if I am less fat, my peha taklah bergesel banyak sangat.

Three of my favourite jeans all berbulu at the celah peha and start to koyak because my peha dok bergesel.

Nasib baik tak jadi api (you know, as a result of friction)...

And with my big butt, I can only fit in Lee jeans.


So I have to go to my favourite shop at Pertama Complex to get my Lee jeans.

Seksaan dunia baru nih....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Caterpillar from the ceiling fan


Today I feel like a self-pity piss artist.


I was sleeping like a baby when all of the sudden something fell on my nose.

I opened my eyes and immediately brushed away what appeared like a huge black 'ulat bulu'.

And the vain me said "mampus aku... esok mesti muka bengkak" ... because I am allergic to 'ulat bulu'.

But I found out later, thank God, it was 'debu' that accummulated on the kipas ceiling.

Sebab dirt tu dah berat sangat, dah tak melekat kat fan and jatuh.

Yes, ,the ceiling fan kotor macam entah apa...

My collection of baju belum basuh kat sudut sebelah kiri of my bedroom is as tinggi as a 3 year old kid.

The only clean place in my apartment is my bathroom and the sleeping area which is actually one small corner in the living room in front of the TV.

Now I know why nobody loves me ....

I'm a dirty old man...

But they associate me with Bvlgary & Clinique ...How?

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang....

It was a fun MCKK Old Boys' Weekend (Apr 18-20, 2008).


Moqq, Jef & I, left KL at 5:30pm, Friday, in my new car and we arrived in Kuala Kangsar 2 hours 15 minutes later.

As soon as we arrived in KK, we checked in at the Sg Perak Resort before heading to a 'happening' (more pening than happening) Tom Yam place, kat Talang, for dinner.

Yes, patience is a virtue. We waited for like 45 minutes for our lauk to be ready. But then, ini Kualer, laid back sikit, tak mahu tension-tension babe, after all we were there for our yearly therapy -- bonding with the people that we shared toothpaste with, shampoo, kacang bulat, baldi and lots of other stuff...

From the old boys of the 50s to present boys, we mingled, shared experiences -- learning from other great men -- all products of The Great Malay College.

On the rugby field, Jef was a hero.

Jef in action

Moqq played rugby too -- the last couple of minutes....

Moqq and the team after the game

I played 'paparazzi' .. I guess that explains why I am a journalist today.
I managed to catch up with some of my batchmates -- Ahmad Nasharuddin Hamzah, Zaharidan Zainal, Abdullah Arshad, Ariff M Noor, Dr Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria, Hasnan Yunus and Zainudin Kamaruddin.
My colleague and the famous AWANI news anchor, Rizal Zulkapli was there too.
Overall, it was just divine, and so difficult to describe... I'll let the photographs tell the story.
And Moqq, it was a fun late night till morning chat and I didn't know you also like the same songs... Hahaha...

At the dining hall

Jef still sleepy at breakfast after late night sembang with his batchmates

Moqq to Milla "baru nak breakfast, Che Mie ni bersiap lama sangat..."

Datuk Latt Shariman collecting materials for his Facebook

Hasnul, yes he is Kam's brother.


Datuk Latt again...

Tunku Datuk Ahmad Burhanuddin Tunku Datuk Seri Adnan and me

The creative and talented MON


MCOBA President, Datuk Seri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas

Ariff, En Jamal and Dr Syed Zulkifli

Dollah & Lanun





Kudin and a junior

Me & Rizal at the pool



Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yes, will be driving up to Kuala Kangsar tomorrow after Friday Prayers...

Can't wait...

Will update you with lots and lots of pix...


Miss Rossa, I can't get it out of my head!!

Dirimu dan dirinya dalam hidupku
Mengapa terlambat
Cintamu telah termiliki
Sedang diriku dengan dia tak begitu cinta

Mengapa yang lain bisa
Mendua dengan mudahnya
Namun kita terbelenggu
Dalam ikatan tanpa cinta

Atas nama cinta
Hati ini tak mungkin terbagi
Sampai nanti bila aku mati
Cinta ini hanya untuk engkau

Atas nama cinta
Kurelakan jalanku merana
Asal engkau akhirnya denganku
Kubersumpah atas nama cinta

Sunday, April 13, 2008



Prof Dr Norfadzilah and her colleagues were great hosts.

We really enjoyed ourselves at the UCSI Media Nite on Friday Night.

Azean won the best belly dancer award and 3rd prize in the karaoke competition.

I won the best dressed male and 1st prize in the Karaoke Competion. I sang Sudirman's Joget Kenangan Manis.

Enjoy the pics... Yeah... dressed to kill brader...

Nazri, Me & Samson


Doria & Azean

An exhausted 'Arab'

Photobucket Me & Joanne Kam


Samson & Azean

Nazri receiving the cabutan bertuah from Prof Dr Norfadzilah Hitam

Kam, Azean & Adilah

Midnite at the Oasis with my camel


Petang Sabtu, me, Samson and Roul went to Melaka makan kupang, lala, ikan, udang dan ikan fresh..

The Umbai / Serkam / Pernu stretch memang best dengan seafood.

And we all increased our Cholesterol intake...




Ikan 3 rasa


Kupang rebus


Lala Sweet & Sour


Ikan pari bakar


Samson & Me tersandar kekenyangan



Bila dah kenyang, tahu pulak takut gemok!!!

So we went for a light exercise and jenjalan kat Jonker Street mencuci mata...


Dancing Queen