Monday, April 07, 2008



We had dinner from 7:30 to 11:30... Yes 3 hours!!! Until the TGIF's people had to courteously remind us that they were about to close.

We were not really eating, but enjoying the conversation, as it has been a long time since Rahmat and I went out for makan-makan.

What did we talk about? Movies and more movies. Rahmat buys movies that we see at the cinemas from the film markets worldwide. He travels a lot .. Berlin, London, Cannes, Bangkok...

During dinner, we also talked about our lives, the ups and downs and our hopes.


Dear Rahmat,

Thank you for introducing to me the wonderful concept of "_ _ _ _- it". I tried it this morning and it has helped me to get loads and loads of @#$^& off my head / chest / shoulders. It actually worked. And I can smile again now.



My arm is getting better. But still painful to do the touch-n-go at the toll booth.


And now... back to targets, revenue, KPI for AWANI.... Loving it...


Later in the evening, to Low Yat with Jef ....