Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amalgam Kisah Pasca Libur



Some people are good in expressing themselves.

Some so-so, and some... well, need tons and tons of coaching.

But we must not just look on the surface or what is in front of us.

Instead we must dig deeper to understand the feelings beneath the sometime 'expressionless' facade.

And when a 'relatively expressionless' person did a 'Raikkonen' to make sure that I will not have to wait long for a dinner meeting/date, I think that said it all. It is all about caring, understanding and being responsible.

And the lesson is, 'seek and you will find your answer'. But seek intelligently...


I went shopping for cufflinks with Zai two days ago. Zai, being one of Malaysia's top image consultant did all the work for me.


'Zai, you think this one will look nice on my blue shirt? Will it go with my pink shirt too?'

'Ya...semua cantik'

'I want another one lah Zai..'

'That one looks nice... The one with the rugby ball design. Jef will surely like... Bagilah prezen...'



(2 days later).

'Jef, you like the cufflink?'


'Suka jer?'

'Suka...Suka sangat'



Went home to Sungai Ramal, rindu kat Mak & Ayah.

Ayah took me to the construction site to see the progress of my new house.

Ayah was so excited when explaining to me the house that he designed specifically for me.

He introduced me to all the construction workers, the contractor and almost everyone there.

His body language screamed 'Hello world... this is my son and I am so proud of him...'

And I did another drama Hindustan.

When people were not watching I ran to the car and tears came out of my eyes.

Why? Because Ayah never stopped doing things to make me happy. How can I ever return the love...


And suddenly Mak said...

"Abih tu, bilo ghumah bosa dah siap, copek-copeklah kawin nanti cucu omak bulih main kojar-kojar dalam ghumah bosa tu ha..."

And I gave her the 'entahlah' look and smiled.