Saturday, March 08, 2008

PRU 12 and Unconditional Love

The 12th General Election

Waiting for my turn to vote for DUN Bangi & Parliament Serdang at Sekolah Rendah Agama Sungai Ramal.

It is 11 am right now, March 9, 2008 -- the morning after the General Election. I really need my sleep after 48 hours of synthesizing information and anchoring the 'Live Election Updates'. But I just can't sleep -- adrenalin still flowing.

For the first time, Barisan Nasional failed to get a 2/3 majority in Parliament and BN failed to form the state goverment in Kedah,Kelantan, Penang, Selangor and Perak.

Lots of soul searching is needed and many heads will roll too... All for the good of the party if it wants to stay relevant in a totally different era.

As a responsible citizen, I went to vote very early in the morning with Ayah, Mak, Dakbang and Dokmen.

After that, I went straight to Astro AWANI to anchor the Election Special.

I set a record for myself anchoring non-stop for 12 hours!!

As a new set up, I feel that Astro AWANI did tremendously well. We received a tsunami of SMS telling us that we have done a great job -- mostly from fellow journalists and also our competitors -- the terrestrial TV boys. That is actually 'vitamin' for me to do even better in the future.


Unconditional Love

Before going to the voting station, Ayah & Mak told me something that I will never forget for the rest of my life and I just cried.

I have not been back to Sungai Ramal for about a month, busy preparing for the General Election coverage.

When I got home I saw a huge construction on the plot of land next to the family house.

I asked mom, what's that?

"Ami, itu projek ayah..."

Mak & I in the kitchen early in the morning

"Projek Ayah?"

"Ya Ami, when Ayah & Mak are no longer around, all of you will have to look after one another. And you must stick together and always be around for each other. The house under construction on the right is yours, Ami. The one on the left is for Dak Bang and Dokmen gets the one in the middle. And the other one is for Adik"

"But Ayah, this is a major major project.... berapa?"

Ayah didn't really say it, but it definitely is more than RM1,000,000.

The site

Part of the 'new' house

Ayah explaining the details

The project

Ayah looking from the balcony of the 'new' house

I just cried.

If there is a perfect definition of unconditional love, may be this is it.

"Ami, mak sayang Ami... Ayah sayang Ami..."

And I just died... I am not exactly the perfect son. I take more than I give and always very selfish. It's always me, me and me...

And I looked up for the definition of unconditional love on Google...

It is:

The kind of love that expects nothing back, places no limits, and does not set any ideals or conditions on what it should be. When you love in this way you do it without expectation of reciprocity and with no preconceived notions of how or if they will express love back to you.

Mak & Ayah, I love you so very much. My love for you is unconditional too.

Your son,