Monday, March 03, 2008



On many occasions, we prefer to use symbols and kias rather than the straight forward "in your face" communications.

And it makes life a lot more interesting.

For example, instead of the cliche SMS messsage "Just wanna say hi...", we can be a lot more creative like "Do you know how to get to Tamarind Hill. I heard the food is good?"

Or instead of "Buat apa tu?", a more menambat hati approach could be "I saw a nice yellow VW and it reminded me of you" (Yeah...yeah... jiwang maut).

Sometimes, instead of stating the obvious (ie -- I miss you like crazy), the following message can be a lot more endearing:

"I will agree with you, yes, Bvlgary or Clinique not Kouros.. Hmmm"


And your line is... "Sumpah aku tak faham...."


I am very observant, you know....


Sometimes we just wanna share the same space and breathe the same air...

OK OK... I know, I am talking to me again and I'm not making sense...