Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paris je t'aime

Right after the evening edition of Analisis Pilihan Raya 'live', Roul and I went to Pavilion to catch the French Movie "Paris je t'aime".


Yes, I still have time to have fun despite the gruelling schedule.

That's a hint -- you can still ask me for a date ... wink.. wink.

Paris, je t'aime (translation: Paris, I love you) is a 2006 film.



It is a collection of 18 short films by 21 directors. Among them, Sylvain Chomet, Alfonso Cuaron and Gus Van Sant.

My take on it? DARN GOOD!!!

Now I really 'need' to go to Paris...

And fall in love too? Itu.... nanti teman pikior dulu. Teman busy sket nih. Kejap lagi teman cetak borang permohonan... BTW... sila kepilkan salinan Sijil Beranak dan bukti kerakyatan.

Love, SIOUX..