Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mr Hamilton, Saying NO, and Living with wierdos

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Cekem's Princesses: Our office is very Children Friendly, Wierdo Friendly and Macam-macam ada.

First, it was a pleasure meeting the good old gang from the MCKK Class of 75-79. Dollah Arshad (former national Quran reading champion and also penghibur nombor satu 75-79) chaired the meeting. And the 'committee' members?

1. Me (yes,they now call me Mr Hamilton -- it's all Lokman's idea, Sulauncher is still fine by any standard)
2. Nizam (the host and laici drink sponsor).
3. Stone (pakar futsal).
4. Iyoy (Illustrator extraordinaire).
5. Bakar (Tall dark handsome and pandai, mewakili region selatan).
6. Al Paeh (Ahlil fikir, ahlil falak dan Venture capitalist).
7. Kue (resident entertainer -- errr , errr, errr).
8. Ungku Robby (Playboy pencen, ker belom?).
9. Beh (Penangkap orang jahat).
10. Lanun (Digital always).
11. Izzuddin ISO (IT and Insurance related soul -- can jive ah?).

And the meeting was a great leap forward. The group decided on insurance coverage for all 111 of us. And we are ready to start the business venture. Finally we are on.. Missed Amin, Nasha, Kadok, Mizi and the rest too..

Yesterday,during the recording of Agenda, had a chance to talk to Lim Guan Eng. Quite a nice guy, really.

And today, there's a photo shoot at ASTRO. Looks like I have to recycle my black baju coz semua tak basuh lagi. That is why I think the inventor of "Febreeze" should get a Nobel Prize.

And the phone sex story in, why they all had this idea that the phone that rang was mine ha? Is there like a sign on my forehead or something?

Oh one more thing... One of my staff will be heading home for Kemaman tomorrow coz his mummy wants to introduce him to a girl and mummy wants him to get married -- rescue him from the godaan of Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. And he is far from happy with the arrangement. Help him say NO... in a nice way.