Friday, May 27, 2005


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TGIF!! Yes it’s Friday, and it means more things to do before the weekend.

This weekend would be an interesting one for me.

First, I will get to meet my old boss, Datuk Khalid Ahmad (former MD of TV3) as I will be conducting a Media Training for The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Datuk Khalid, together with 8 other participants from ACCA will spend a day with me at Marriott Putrajaya to discuss “what it takes to have a win-win relationship with the media”.

That’s the ‘work’ part, now, the ‘play’ part.

Tomorrow night, my buddies and I are planning a night out to catch up and update each other with what we are going through – yes, it also means an opportunity to “drown your sorrows”. It’s cheaper that seeing a shrink.

Moving on …

Sometimes the world seemed like a mad house.

For example, today on Oprah, I was glued in from of the TV to follow a story about a man who had a sex-change and still continued living with his wife and the relationship became stronger. He just wanted to have a vagina, that’s all. What the.…

Then in the NST, there's a story about ‘a seminar to define money politics’. Hello!!! (and I thought it's all about the culture of serving people and untuk mencari keredhaan Allah... oh how naive).

And also, an interesting article, “Investing in India? Bring multi-coloured pens”.

Dunia oh dunia…

And finally, kata-kata magic hujung minggu (it’s actually a wonderful line from The Joy Luck Club):

“Losing him/her does not matter. It is you who will be found--and cherished”

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