Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Meeting the Gang

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Teka Pesen Rambut

In a few hours I'll be meeting the good old gang from the MCKK Class of 75-79.

It has been a while. The last time was during the Centenary Celebrations in Kuala Kangsar.

We'll be discussing business opportunities, etc. etc. And thanks again to Nizam for providing the venue, as always. Sometimes, some people give more than they take -- that's the spirit.

Yesterday, my hair dresser did a 'tebas lalang' on my head and now my hair is so difficult to style. Why don't they just cut hair like the good old kedai gunting mamak with the lampu yang berpusing-pusing?

Lately, hairdressers use this special scissors that will make the length of your hair uneven. For someone who's hair is of the same texture as the pubic hair (pardon the expression), ada susah lah nak style brader.

Oklah, it's time for another session of down memory lane with budak-budak koleq. Adios.