Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Selamat pergi Sazli Morah Abas.

He was a good man.

I worked with him when I was in the News and Current Affairs Division of TV3. Sazli was a very hardworking sports producer. I was the Current Affairs & Research Editor then.

Kerk informed me early today that Sazli 'meninggal dunia dan akan dikebumikan di Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan.'

Many good people and friends of mine have left me forever. Most of them are a lot younger than me. May be my time is near.



Members of the civil society are beginning to get tired, some angry and some very angry.

They are asking questions like "do they really care for the people, or they just love to prolong the sufferings of the people who voted for them or against them?".

Whether they realize it or not, or prefer to be in denial, the signs are there -- today, the KLCI closed lower, again...

And foreign investors are thinking twice about us, citing political risks, Bernama Radio says that almost every morning... Anyone listening?

And add the Lehman crisis to that and also the downward trend of palm oil prices... what do we have? Yes, you know the answer.

Sep 16 has gone. Now 'swapping' is the new label.

The people are beginning to ask... 'Do you really care for us?'

Ayah, what is going to happen to our shares?

Have compassion for the common people. They voted you!!!! They want you to perform.

After this, we will see a more powerful and organized civil society movement in PRU13, I believe...

So fellow Malaysians. the next time you see me on the street, you will not ask this editor anymore about this issue, as I have posted what I feel here...And as a journalist I have to remain neutral..