Thursday, September 11, 2008



It was a fiery, loud and good debate on Sudut Pandang anchored by my colleague Kamarul Bahrin Haron.

The topic -- Social Contract and National Unity.

The guests: YB Datuk Ibrahim Ali (MP Pasir Mas) and YB Jeff Ooi (MP of Jelutong).

Datuk Ibrahim’s point: Understand the history, spirit of the social contract and the less than level playing field -- and 51 years after independence is such a short period to demand for changes in the social contract.


Jeff Ooi’s point; There has been a lot of changes and the thinking on Social Contract must change with the demands of the time.

Overall it was civil and enlightening.

Certain things labeled ‘sensitive’ if argued in a responsible manner with well researched points would benefit everyone.

Sometimes, I feel, the debate on Sudut Pandang is better than hearing the ‘debate’ in parliament.

Sudut Pandang goes on air at 8:30 pm, Mondays to Fridays.


pix; Courtesy of Sultanmuzzaffar