Tuesday, September 02, 2008



Today a CEO of a reputable company who is also a good friend asked me to coach him so that he will not be nervous when speaking in public.

He said, he will sweat and sweat and his ideas and thought process will just go haywire once he stands behind the rostrum.

I told him, same here...

I will panic like mad a few minutes before I go 'live' on air. And to calm me down, I will look at the notes, the massive preparations that I have done and will continue telling myself -- Suhaimi, you are well prepared, damn it!!. Only then I will feel ok.

I told him, it's fine to feel that way.

The trick is, tell yourself you are there because you are well prepared, you are good and people want you to succeed.

Yeah... easier said than done.

He said... "I don't know why, people believe in me, but I have this huge inferiority complex.."

Same here. I have a major inferiority complex that I have decided to be on TV to tell myself that I have made it!! I can fight that feeling.

But it does not stop at that. In personal relationships too, I am always afraid I would be on the losing end.

Sometimes I just overdo things to keep me reminded that I am needed and loved...

Strange... The person perceived as the most confident is sometimes the most insecure with a low self-esteem.

You just have to fight the 'small person' in you.