Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Professor Dr Suhaimi Freud Jung Sulaiman and Psycholove 101

Don't expect to be treated as a priority when u are just an option!

Today, I just had to do it. I had to say it like it is.

My friend RR thinks she is Miss 2nd Best.

She thinks, no, let me correct that, she knows she is just an object of convenience.

And I told her, yes, again, for the 3rd time (…well, some people need time to learn and unlearn. Me included...) to read between the lines.

I just said:

You know you are not the one or no longer the one, or a true complete doormat when:

1. He finds it not at all rude to send and reply SMS throughout dinner or while talking to you.

2. He thinks it is fine to excuse himself for a while during dinner and make that ‘very’ important phone call.

3. He thinks it's macho to risk your life and his by sending and replying SMS while driving recklessly… (yes, to reach home fast so that he can send more SMS while pretending to work in the study/library..).

4. He no longer says thank you, or “that was a lovely time” or “it has been a wonderful evening…”

5. And the kiss finally made it to the Top 10 in the Reluctant Chart -- on his part, that is...

6. And yes, please run to the toilet and cry as much as you want and scream FFFFF, when he accidentally, yes, forgetting you are in front of him, and says “…I love you too…” on the phone...

But you can console yourself still by saying.. Nah… I’m just his good friend…or ... So what, I’m a lesbian…

Wake up girl!!! Don’t wait for the roof to fall on you!!! You are on a different planet…

Now cry for 5 minutes and then, call me, we go have teh tarik or sahur... OK.. I have been there.. and understand it perfectly well... How I got over it? I just hit my head with a bolster and gulp 2 panadols.

Oh BTW, you might want to go to Poh Kong or Habib and check how much is the 'bracelet' that he gave? Hmmm...

Girl, remember this, read my lips... you are PRIMETIME material, you are in the Miss Streep & Hepburn league, not Pia Zadora. That 'bracelet' is... nah.... enough for one day...