Saturday, September 06, 2008


It is 3 am, early Sunday morning.

I am finally back home at my sanctuary after a very fulfilling day… no… make that day and night and early morning.

Earlier, I dropped off Caroline at her house and later sent Ethan home on the other side of Suburbia.

It has been a mighty long time since I last went out on a Saturday night chilling out with friends and getting to know new people.


Me and Ethan outside Werner's On Changkat

After lots of persuasion, and yes Ethan is so good at persuading, I decided to go along with his plan.

Right after Isyak and the shortened Terawih, I rushed home from Kajang to get ready to go out with Ethan for:

1. Farewell for Ethan’s colleague at Baan 26, Changkat Bukit Bintang, and

2. Birthday of Ethan’s colleague at Werner’s.



I enjoyed myself very much. Ethan’s colleagues, the 4 beautiful ladies from Air Asia were so nice and fun.


Before that Jef, at 7:18 pm, sent me a message from his hometown, Bahau “Selamat berbuka. Me and the rest of family, except Asrin, berbuka kat luar…”

And I replied, “Same here. I’m in Kajang with Mon and Dad, Adik and Dokmen. Send my regards to your Mom & Dad…”

Jef’s dad, Abang Mustafa is like a brother and Kakak has always been nice to me. And Jef is a very caring nephew yang manja (I know he will hate me for writing this ... coz it doesn’t go with his macho image… hahaha)

Before reaching home for buka puasa, I stopped by at Sungai Ramal’s pasar Ramadan and bought my favourite Apam Balik.

The family house in Sungai Ramal Dalam, Kajang

My love -- my car



My kid

My other kid

Mom, as usual, when I said, I will be home, will cook my favourite sambal udang and ikan masak kicap.

And the cats kind of missed me. As soon as I got off the car, they came and rubbed their bodies against my jeans.

While waiting for the Azan, me, mom and dad sat outside the house and talked about the possibility of Members of Parliament ‘lompat parti’ and the national budget -- that's quality time..

Earlier in the morning, I felt so lonely.

And I decided to follow Jef’s advice -- “if the quiet weekend is unbearable, go out and make some noise…”

And I did… thanks for the common sense…



And Ethan, you have a conference to attend at 8 am. Yes, Sunday at 8 am…. Minimal hangover I hope… Hahaha