Friday, July 04, 2008

Malam yang blurrrr...

Ibrahim Khalid

Hamzah Johari



Nasha (Ahmad Nasharuddin Hamzah) was a top sportsman during his Malay College days.

We were in the same dorm. We were in MCKK from 1975 to 1979 and yes we are 46 years old today, but I think I look much, much younger than Nasha (jangan mare…).

Hamzah Johari was 2 years my junior at MCKK. A great hockey player he was. Dulu macam I lah, cute, sekarang macam I jugak gedabak tapi masih cute -- jambu.

Ibrahim Khalid was our Head Prefect. A very sporting one indeed.

At 9:30 pm, on my way back to my ‘sanctuary’ at Plaza Damas, after picking my laundry from Henry’s place, I terserempak dengan the three of them.

Apa lagi, bukak cerita lama over kuey teow kerang at Aji-Don-Alley.

It was just great to know after all these years, we are still like brothers, accepting our strengths and flaws. Help each other to grow. And always there for one another.

We are very transparent.

And what did we talked about?

The news of the day, politik yang memualkan, weak leadership, conspiracy theory and whadda-liwat …

And yes, the rakyat jelata are just so smart and know what is news, what is truth and what is spin.

There is a big difference between eyeballs, ratings and credibility…

Rakyat dah penat....