Friday, April 13, 2007

What a peaceful Saturday morning.

Finally I can ‘exhale’ after a relatively busy schedule seminggu yang telah berlalu.

And YES. I did it!!! I cleaned the bathroom.

After that, I went out, got my morning papers and off I went to Struddles in Bangsar for breakfast.

Had great company for breakfast.

My neighbour, Ahmad, the millionaire who doesn’t have to work for a living. See, at a very young age, he made his fortune through good investments, tahu the exit strategy and sekarang lepak.

We talked about lots of things – from properties to mobile tv. That’s when we were joined by Ahmad’s friend, Shahril (like me he is also an old boy of MCKK) who works for TELEKOM.

I recommend you to try ‘Breakfast with the Lot” at Struddles. Sedap, ada 2 eggs, mushroom masak ngan butter, spinach and roti and hashbrowns.

Tonight, I will go for another round of band practice with the boys at MCOBA.

This time Kichi will join, Rizal, and Mooze & Elin.