Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cerita lama

Teringat pulak…

A friend of mine who is also a very famous chef once told me about a man who recognized him on the street and said loudly in Manglish… “Ah you, is it you ah, the famous rice cooker on TV…” --- Ha.. dah jadi periuk?

And here is another story about another friend who was at Petaling Street many years ago, looking for a pirated gay VCD.

He asked the VCD seller slowly (bisik-bisik) if he had gay VCD so that others won’t hear.

The VCD seller said, “Ada… Gambar clear, 20 ringgit”.

Then my friend said “Mahal..” And my friend walked away.

The seller said, “Boleh korang, berapa lu mahu…”

“Tak pa tak mahu… mahal.”

Boleh korang…”

And my friend just walked away.

So the VCD guy loudly said, “Mr... Mr... boleh korang…”

When he said Mr, Mr, many people looked at him (the VCD guy), thinking the VCD seller was referring to them.

But the VCD guy was referring to my friend, and as such, to be specific, he screamed at the top of his voice… “Mr… Boleh korang, boleh korang, berapa mau… Hello Mr… Mr Gay boleh korang. Mr Gay!!!”

And my friend lari lintang pukang.