Monday, September 25, 2006

Tenggek and kemut

Papa Khalid and I went for our ‘jalan-jalan beli buku’ outing yesterday, at Ikano, a few hours before buka puasa.

We love kedai buku. I feel very much at home in bookstores -- berjam-jam. So if you want to take me out on a date, please stay away from bookstores because you will be forever ignored.

And what did I get myself this time? 3 good reading materials.

1. H+ A New Religion by Edward De Bono.
2. Why do men fall asleep after sex by Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg.
3. Majalah GQ yang ada cerita pasal how the Gay Governor in US led a double life.

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As a ‘lateral thinker’ (I’m very sure I am...) anything by Edward De Bono is a must for me. De Bono is a leading authority in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. He has written 62 books with translations into 37 languages.

De Bono coined the term ‘lateral thinking’ which treats creativity as the behaviour of information in a self-organising information system - such as the neural networks in the brain.

Anyway, this H+ book is a bit different as it proposes how we should live life positively through happiness, humour, help, hope and health.
Interesting betul and I dah baca 50% dah.

I love to read different books at the same time. Macam 30 minutes baca buka A, lepas tu dah boring baca buku B pulak.

Another book that I bought = a fun reading one -- “Why do men fall asleep after sex?”.
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You must read it. Among others it talks about:

1. Why do women pee more than men?
2. Why don’t men listen?
3. Why do men need to wear jock strap?
4. Can bald men get lice?

And lots more...

Ok..Ok... before anyone can say anything, yes Razin, you are on the circulation list. Nanti habis baca I kasi you ‘tenggek’ buku-buku ni. Razin somehow loves my book collection kecuali the B2B orange one – memang buku tu boring macam sial.

Oh, BTW, ’tenggek’ is a Malay College term for:

1. Pinjam tapi lepas tu kemut bertahun-tahun.
2. Ambik tapi tak bagi tahu tuan empunya.
3. Bawak lari barang tanpa pengetahuan tuannya tapi perangai buruk ni dimaafkan.
4. Curi yang dihalalkan.
5. All of the above.

When we were in MCKK, selipar jepon yang pakai untuk mandi selalu kena tenggek. Ubat gigi pun selalu kena tenggek.

And what’s for buka puasa today?

Entahlah. Belum fikir lagi.. Yang sesimple sudahlah.

But yesterday, me and Papa Khalid had Italian. (Jangan salah anggap ok.. bukan orang Italy ok... hmmm... tapi makanannya ajer).

We had pappardelle, spaghetti marinara, and walnut + vanilla icecream. Best... rasa macam kat Rome plak... pirah...

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Selamat beramal.

I benci lipas...I benci lipas