Sunday, September 24, 2006

Respect & Sahur with A-Yun and Richard

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Today is the second day of Ramadan. I arrived at the office at about 11 am.

I slept very late last night. At 2:30 am Richard called and said, “Hoi, bangun, jom pergi sahur – dapat pahala sikit”.

And in 10 minutes, I arrived in Bangsar and joined A-Yun and Richard. Sahur with Richard? Yes... Richard, a Baba Melaka. He’s not a Muslim, but he reminded me to have my sahur. And many of my Chinese friends are also fasting. It’s not the first time. They have been doing it for many years.

When I asked them why, they said:

1. Out of respect for the month of Ramadan and their Muslim friends.
2. To give the digestive system a break – a great detox.
3. They just puasa – no need for reasons. Apa... Tak boleh ker?

Now, isn’t that great? This is what the “wannabe politicians’ should see. Stop using racial issues to drum up support for themselves because at the grassroots level the rakyat are doing just fine ‘integrating’ in a much more honest way – tanpa dipaksa-paksa or tanpa fake tempelan on TV where kalau ada concert kena ada quota penyanyi Cina and Tamil. Among us, in many communities, we have reached a new level of understanding based on mutual respect.

When we respect ourselves and others, we will get respect back. When we treat children with respect, they will grow up and become great humans. Respect = love.

Even animals too... I treat my 25 cats and 2 dogs at home with respect and they show their love by protecting the family.

And the lesson is – Cinta itu datang dari hati yang luhur. Beri cinta dapatlah cinta.

Dan di bawah ini wajah-wajah adix-beradix on the first day of puasa at the office.

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Papa Khalid

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