Saturday, September 23, 2006

Laskopek before Ramadan

Yes, laskopek...

Yesterday, the last day before Ramadan, I went to have my last makan-makan siang before puasa at my favourite place Devi’s Corner at Taman Tun. Makan hati ayam and pedal masak berempah pekat and fishcake masak bercili – see, I’m just so easy to please... Low maintenance...

I scheduled a meeting there with Shamsher Gill, the GM of Entiti Media to discuss the marcomm aspects of his “Business Intelligence” project which will be made available at

Papa Khalid came later and after the meeting we went menyoping for toiletries.

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Sham Gill

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Papa Khalid

Earlier, it sure was a pleasure to ‘terserempak’ with old time buddy masa sekolah kat Malay College dulu -- Amirul Shukry Kadri and wife at The Curve. Amirul was always the top student in class when we were in MCKK.

He is now a Transformation Coach, NLP Practitioner and well known for “The Millionaire In You Program”. It’s just so nice to meet old friends who are successful today and HAPPY (read: successful tu sometimes tak semestinya happy... dalam maksudnya tu).

Today, so far I have wasted half the day melepak kat rumah on the first day of puasa ni. I have no plans for bukak puasa (hint...hint... ajaklah..ajaklah bukak puasa kat mana-mana ker, tak reti-reti..).

I guess I’ll just minum air sejuk for buka puasa and something sweet and go out later for real food.

Selamat beramal.