Friday, August 18, 2006

Male Stripper for the Birthday Gal

Sorry Mokciknab we can’t find the male stripper as per your specificiation (hitam, tak der gigi atas dan ada sikit botak), but we will definitely have the best lauk and pencuci mulut in town to celebrate your birthday on Monday.

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May you reign for many more long years O’ dear resident psychiatrist of SSO.

We, sick people at SSO sure need more ‘couch session’ everyday -- hope you will never get tired of us (lost love case # 1, no love case # 22, rampas laki orang case # 2, gila bayang case # 14, takut-takut case #19, teramat macho case # 2 and gila kena pasong case # 11)

Selamat Ulang Tahun ...Mokciknab

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BTW before I start with the next story, let me just say... Yes, I’m old that’s why I dah mula pikir macam ni...

Razin and I were at the Highway Rest Area in Tapah yesterday when we both berkonklusi that ‘orang Melayu ni kenalah push themselves to get banyak lagi knowledge coz from the conversations that we heard masa duduk menikmati ice-cream Baskin-Robbins, dunia orang Melayu ni kecil sangat. You can tell by the vocab and the things discussed by orang yang tengah makan kat 2 to 3 tables away.

Entahlah... Balik-balik kawin siti, santau, ‘bila nak belanja’, tension, malas, mengeluh...


Anyway, Razin – the conversation on the way back was great!!!