Monday, July 24, 2006


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A cousin in her mid 40s called me yesterday and went straight to the point -- “we want to marry you off with someone we think suitable for you”...

The last time I talked to her was millions of years ago for a few seconds at a boring gathering of boring people with no life.

What the F....?

Who do you think you are?

You don’t even have an interesting life!!

You can’t even help your kids with simple mathematics, calculus, statistics and can’t even correct their homework (yes English grammar and all...).

And you are NOBODY... You are not even in the local district map...

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What made you think I’m not happy being single and all?

F.. F... and F... to the max.

Damn... The next person who does the same will get the ultimate Gundu treatment from me... When I make you disappear, you’ll just vanish like how pimples diminish after a clearasil treatment!!!

Go get a life, read more, travel the world, get some education, plant some brain cells, take up pottery classes ker? Basket weaving ker? Not everyone is as horny as you are!!!

Tak der kerja, main, lepas masak, main, lepas tengok TV main...

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Bosan... Bosan...

After all the talk, she had the cheek to say, “Ami tak marah ker, kita cakap ni?”

And I said, “tak lah”

Like shit I tak marah... I nak bunuh you sajer...

Belajarlah etiquette berkomunikasi. Know what to say and what not to say.

Offer help only when people asked for it!! If you really want to help, create an environment for people to come to you and pour their hearts out -- in other words, be pleasant enough!!

As for me, I am happy the way I am. I want to live my life the way I see fit (of course taking into consideration the surroundings too) -- I make my own choices....

We all have our unique purpose in life.. I'm here to shine!!

If your purpose in life is to be a 'breeding factory', yes a 'kilang beranak' and lead a mediocre life, then terima jer lah.

Ampun dan maaf jua ku pinta... But if I don't put in on record semua orang ingat it is OK to jadi 'tukang nikahkan orang'. That's not right!!!