Monday, October 03, 2005

Cannot keep this secret anymore!!

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Countdown... less than 10 days to go...

Finally my good friends (Tengku Elida, Ashran, Kamarul, Azman, Lily, Kayo, Shazwan and Ian) and I will have our own TV... yes, you heard it right..

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We'll start our own internet television in 2 weeks. We'll provide the details very very soon ...

What you'll see on our TV?

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Interesting stuff like:

Labour Exchange -- Matching jobs and people with the right attitude and knowledge.

Ilham Kalam -- Architectural Heritage of the Malay Archipelago.

2020 AD -- Views from 20 who's who on current affairs issues.

Innova News -- Information and Communications Technology News.

Wealth Management -- 'Have money will travel'.

Students at 'Work' -- Students' projects and visual experiments.

Women at Work -- Young Enterprising Ladies.

Vlogging Away -- Vloggers and bloggers come together.

We'll also let the audience participate in many "participatory democracy" content collaborations from Hari Raya dedications, Raya Home videos, create your own music video, community brainstorm session, and lots more. There'll be competitions too with lots of nice prizes.

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Apa lagi? Tell me what you like to see and what you like to contribute?

You can also advertise your jualan kain raya, kuih raya etc at very good rates to worldwide audience...

Details coming up soon...

Post your e-mails here so that I'll 'legally', with your permission 'spam' you with the info.