Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm now into fish!!!

I’m now into fish!!

Yes… Fish of the swimming kind, not what you are thinking…

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It all started with a discussion on how to prevent us from being “pukaued” (yup… origin of the word = pukau. Meaning -- A state of being hypnotized by a shaman/medicine man/witch). And one way to defend youself, according to 'orang tua-tua' is by having a ‘puyu’ fish in your house (Now…you are not supposed to believe in this. You are supposed to believe in God the Almighty. Anyway… it’s all up to you)

And I went to a pet store in Taman Tun and bought an aquarium for the office. At our office, we now have goldfish, molly, DBKL, tiger barb and lots more… and of course, the mighty ikan puyu.

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But the ikan puyu that we bought marks its territory with a very bad smell and makes the water murky within a day. So Shazwan and I, (see Shazwan’s pic below) decided to ‘donate’ the ikan puyu and ikan sepat to Kelana Square’s fountain.

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Shazwan and Cyrus

Which means, now, our office is game for the shamans to practice their craft… Tidak!!! Gasak!!

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Anyway, watching the colourful swimmers is therapeutic. And there's more!!!
I can actually see Naomi in a Karl Lagerfeld (see pic below and you’ll agree with me).

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And also Amber Chia in a Nizam Ambia Haute Couture (see pic below… Right? Right?).

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The aquarium is actually the birth place for High Fashion!!! Now I understand why Carolina Herrera's evening dresses look like Siamese fighting fish… And it means -- no need to go to those expensive fashion school? Hmmmm.

BTW Shazwan is planning to continue his studies on a part-time basis and has sort of decided to take up Communications. And after discovering the birth place of high fashion, I told him… “Baik ambik fashion designing, retailing, merchandizing and management. I jadi designer, you tolong market."

Just imagine -- Suhaimi Sulaiman’s Aquaria Collection, Suhaimi Sulaiman’s Sepat Collection, Suhaimi Sulaiman’s Gold Fish & Ikan DBKL Evening Dress…. Mampos Aku!!

And because of the sudden love for FISH, me, Mokciknab, Shazwan and Ian went to get another aquarium. Now our office has two and we will soon beat KL Convex if we don’t stop somewhere!! From fresh water to salt water fish… more inspiration for fashion!!

So I guess designers get their inspiration from FISH!! Well. designers... betul tak? Jangan nak tipu...

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Talking about designers, last night, I had a great time working with one of Malaysia’s top designer Rizalman Ibrahim and his team.

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We helped make Suraya Malik and Zaierif Yusof’s wedding reception at Mandarin Oriental a wedding to remember. Rizalman’s approach was “Simple Elegance” – tak payah pelamin berenda-renda macam nak rak.. Classic giler!!! Very nice...

Suraya is my buddy Rahmat’s cousin. When I emceed Rahmat’s wedding a year ago, Suraya was the ‘pengapit’ (BTW Rahmat is the guy responsible for bringing in the films that you see at GSC … Ask anything about films, chances are Rahmat will have the answer. He is working on his own film now… Way to go buddy).

Suraya = beauty with brains to match. She speaks French, Italian, English and some other languages. Well traveled, she is so organized and is already a great businesswoman in her twenties. She looks radiant on the cover of September’s Le Prestige. Her hubby Zaierif is equally charming. Very down to earth and funky.

Now back to the fish and designer gowns… What do you think? Look at the picture below of Mokciknab -- better know as Tengku Elida Bustaman and Sabrina. Imagine them in Suhaimi Sulaiman's Sepat, Haruan & Sembilang Collection... What say you?

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Elida & Sabrina