Thursday, September 15, 2005

I need my monthly dose of culture


That's why I'm going to the talk tomorrow at the Islamic Arts Museum.

The talk is on The Traditional Malay Textile and the Malay Aristocracy and also The Kutai House.

From time to time, The Islamic Arts Museum will have great speakers.

Come lar.. The talk starts at 10:00 .. And it's FREE.

The show at RED 104.9 this morning went well.

I had a good time with Ashran together with Tim & Shareena -- the morning duo. We discussed the rising inflation rate and how we can find opportunities in times of 'crisis/chaos' (not that we are in crisis lar... but during hard times). Ashran was a 'pro' -- macam dah lama bagi political speech kat some convention kat Dallas jer.

I talked about how my dad made my brothers and I pee in those orange juice containers so that our urine can be used later as fertilizers (yes, one part air kencing and 10 parts air basuh ikan and air biasa) for our kebun sayur.

And how we made money by selling our healthy and fresh kangkong, bayam and kacang panjang (thanks to the 'fertilizer') to the neighbours. Dad was a staunch supporter of Allahyarham Tun Razak's Buku Hujau project in the 70s -- Buku Hijau was about growing you own veges at home to combat inflation, tak payah keluar duit beli sayur kat pasar, jimat belanja.

Dad did very well in introducing the concept of RECYCLE to us kids -- tak payah belanja millions for media campaign yang belum tentu effective--- ooopss sensitive (Bercakap pasal recycle ni teringat pulak lagu Nasser Wahab -- recycle, recycle, don't let it go to waste -- something like that lah, with dancers on RTM pakai baju Sunny Ho yang bereben renda-renda kat lengan)

But I did not tell the listeners that my dad fell in the bathroom and the urine splashed all over him, coz he went to the bathroom without the lights on, coz nak jimat letrik... and lantai licin coz mom simbah detergent on the floor after washing the clothes -- tak sempat nak 'bilas'.

Next week, my buddy, Billi Lim (yes, the independent candidate who ran for Bukit Bintang, and yes, yes the out-of-this-world hairstyle) will be appearing and we'll rock this planet like crazy.

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