Thursday, September 22, 2005

Billi Lim, Tim, Shareena and Moi -- A Blast!!

When you have Billi Lim, you don't need to say a word.. Just listen and smile.

It happened this morning.

We had Billi Lim on RED104.9 FM's 7 o'clock slot and the session was fun, hillarious and out of this world!!!

We talked about what this country needs-- "Leaders who think outside the box".

We also discussed the 'tambah-tambah traffic rules', reality TV and more.

Billi is a genius -- one of those people who can see opportunties when many people only see chaos.

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He is fun, cracks thinking jokes and makes you feel good about your 'flaws' and how to capitalize on them.

And right after the show we discussed lots of content collaborations. We will be coming out with lots of creative content soon!!

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