Monday, September 19, 2005

There is a playful ghost in the office!!

I think there is a ghost in my office. No, I don’t think, I’m sure there is!!

If not a ghost, it’s a playful wondering soul.

Whenever we are alone in the office (me, Mokciknab, Cekem, Shazwan and Ian) there will be this strange sound of people doing the ‘paper shuffling’.

Last night, under Shazwan’s desk there was a 'crackling' noise from the waste-paper basket. I thought it was a cockroach but when I went near, it stopped making the sound. When I went back to my desk the noise started again.

Then I asked Ian if he ever experienced something strange in the office. He said “Ada, tapi I tak nak cakap kat orang lain, nanti dia orang takut”. And I asked, "Apa dia?", Ian said, “Macam ada budak kecik lari-lari kat bawah meja Shazwan”.

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dear hantu,pergilah duduk kat tepi laut

OK, it’s time for me to assume the role of an exorcist. Yes, nak buat macamana? Somebody kena do the dirty job (This is better than cuci dishes dalam sink kat belakang opis tu).

But the ghost is actually quiet nice jugak, when I said “jangan kacaulah, orang nak buat kerja..” It stopped making noises.

Ha jawab tuan-tuan!!

Itulah dilemma seorang exorcist.

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