Friday, July 29, 2005

Blue Black Hair

Today is Friday.

And at SSO it means, "can't wait for the weekend"

So we decide to colour our hair blue black.

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Yes, me, Shazwan and Mokciknab bergilir-gilir kaler rambut at the office (BTW our office lengkap dengan towel, barang-barang untuk kaler rambut, hair dryer,..semua lengkap...jangan marah... and cermin setinggi awan)

All our blonde streaks gone...

As Mokciknab puts it "blonde ni nampak tualah"

Lemme see...

Now that I have blue black hair, nampak macam rambut palsu pulak.

And Shazwan lagi best, terus dye kening sekali.

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